Mafia II 360/PS3/PC graphics comparisons

Mafia II 360/PS3/PC graphics comparisons

NYC_Gamer4798d ago (Edited 4798d ago )

its ashame how bad ports keep coming from take-two owned studios

Herbert tholdpervert4798d ago

Indeed man.

I was thinking about getting the PS3 version but I guess I will just get the PC version, the cheaper and superior version. *wink*

Cold 20004798d ago (Edited 4798d ago )

Yeah I dont see why dont they just all get the superior PC version like they always say they do... :D

lociefer4798d ago (Edited 4798d ago )

so u linked to a forum post / changed the title to meet ur fanboy liking and it still got approved ?*sigh, on topic, ye the ps3 version is unplayable,at the warehouse thing the framerate dropped like crazy so i deleted it, good job on the ps3 version 2k, u nailed it / sarc

jack_burt0n4798d ago

This game has worse screentearing than RE5 on 360 seriously just rotating the camera in the house its tearing ALL the time, you 360 owners must game on 15" sdtv's to not notice that shite.

Red_Orange_Juice4798d ago (Edited 4798d ago )

PS3 version looks like shit

Double Toasted4798d ago

No Mr. Burton, we play the superior versions.

SilentNegotiator4798d ago

Developers need to start spending more time on the PS3 version. Or at least learn how to program for it.

Remember when developers weren't forced by publishers to release all of the versions at the same time?

raztad4798d ago (Edited 4798d ago )

Dont be mislead xbox owners. Screenshots comparison are not enough to make your minds, and claim victory in this one. It has been reported that framerate is quite poorly on the xbox and it is unstable on the PS3. Screen tearing is terrible on both. Overall both games look poor texture wise, with poor FoV and lack of details. Yeah the xbox has grass, but both are sorely missing a minimal amount of AA.

On the other hand, game runs beautiful and it is quite optimized for the PC. I know which version I'll get.

SoSLy4798d ago

Its sad seeing Multiplatform developers having troubles developing for the PS3

Aquanox4798d ago

If the differences between PC and 360 is big, between PC and PS3 is abbysmal.

It's a pitty such a good console has been doomed to inferior multiplatform versions in this generation.

ExplosionSauce4798d ago (Edited 4798d ago )

You're doing it wrong, 2K!

I mean come on, we've seen much better ports before, looking equal or sometimes better on PS3(when lead).
I don't know how they're doing it. It doesn't look like shit. But this isn't a matter of what a system can or can't do, it's all on the developers.

Also, how come the title was changed into flame-bait? And they say this site is ran by PS3 fanboys -_-.
What hypocrites.

I tried both 360 and PS3 versions and they both suffer from frame-rate drops.

AAACE54798d ago

When you do the comparisons... Ps3 and 360 have nearly the same amount of power! The Ps3's edge is the inclusion of Bluray.

I guess the difference is that bluray having a massive amount of information reads slower than the dvd, which could be the issue with games like these!

If both consoles used bluray, then the development for ports would have probably been better... but for now... we just have to deal with it! It's probably not that big of a deal anyway considering the graphics are a little jaggie anyway!

(For those who 'WILL' disagree with the power comment, check the specs for each one. Hit up wiki and it will explain it pretty good.)

The General4798d ago Show
AndrewRyan4798d ago

My 1999 PC can run Mafia 2 better then the PS3 can, you should really stop supporting the developer so next time they will learn to try harder with the PORTS.

But in all seriousness, I built my new gaming rig for the upcoming year, and this game is one on my top list, looks beautiful.

SeNiLe9114798d ago

it was OK but there definitely was some screen tearing in some areas.

Today I thought I would check out the PS3 version and the PC version because of the comments here. I started the PS3 download, it was taking forever so I went ahead and downed the PC version while I waited. I was almost done playing the demo when the PS3 version finally finished installing. WOW didn't realize how long the PS3 took until today.

After playing each one I can truly say PC>Xbox 360----------->PS3

I can't believe Sony would even allow that demo to be downloadable. What a complete and utter JOKE that demo was!

BattleAxe4798d ago

I played the PS3 version lastnight, and I thought the game looked great and I really enjoyed it. But there were definately some framerate issues, so I might wait a year when I see it on sale on STEAM.

ShinMaster4798d ago (Edited 4798d ago )


PS3 owners- "We have Game of the Year exclusives showcasing both graphics and gameplay."

360 owners- "Multi-platform games often look better on our console anyway."

PS3 owners- "Only when it caters to the 360. If PS3 was lead platform instead and devs were to utilize Blu-ray, you'd get a Final Fantasy 13-like result with every multi-platform game."

360 owners- "It's not about graphics, its about gameplay... HALO FTW!"

PS3 owners- "What the? o_0 Damn hypocrites"

HSx94798d ago

ill just get this free for PC ;P

SeNiLe9114798d ago

I commented on the 3 versions as being PC>Xbox 360----------->PS3 but then noticed my PS3 was changing the resolution from 1080p to 720 x 480 when the demo booted up.

After fixing the problem (new TV is why), the resolution now changes to 1280 x 720 but not 1080p as the PC or Xbox 360 puts out. Not sure of a way to force 1080p if thats even possible.

Sorry for putting the PS3 down so. It's more like this now PC>Xbox 360>PS3

DaTruth4798d ago

Yeah, but then why do you guys run out and buy these bad PS3 ports like RDR? I protested that game and will pick it up used when the price is right.

They're not getting my money for these crappy ports and if they thought they were losing significantly over it they would spend a little extra time on the porting.

TheBlackSmoke4798d ago

Multiplat comparison - "teh superiorz"

Exclusive comparision - "Buh Buh itz about teh gameplayz"

Make your minds up bot monkeys.

SeNiLe9114798d ago

There ALIVE!!! http://www.youtube.com/watc...

Whats up with that? Hope that gets fixed.

moparful994798d ago

Its a freaking demo!!! Why are people comparing quality of a demo?? I will never understand this thirst for having the slightly higher quality build of a game.. As long as it plays well, why you all are so worked up over framerate and "superior grass" I will never know.... Besides the final build of the ps3 version has been proven to be far better then the demo..

PS3 Rules4797d ago

"It only does everything" except the grass LOL
I love my PS3 but I hate this crap (bad ports)

jpdcmo4797d ago

"It only does everything" except the grass LOL

It only does everything except the Good ports : (

Theonetheonly4793d ago

look at what i can do with unreal in 5 hours time :)

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Cloudberry4798d ago

And the PS3 version looked like the grass had drought or something, WTF lol.

zootang4798d ago (Edited 4798d ago )

I know it is no excuse but how much grass is there in a desert type landscape.

It did have exclusive content to make up for it though.

lociefer4798d ago (Edited 4798d ago )


iHEARTboobs4798d ago

The PS3 version just had a lot more goats! lol

zootang4798d ago

Mafia II also has exclusive content on the PS3.

sak5004798d ago

NO not developers fault all over again. Grass had drought due to ps3 having drought in the hardware dept.