Singapore to Move on September 15

Gamespot writes:

Singapore to be first south-east Asian country to score Sony motion-sensing add-on for PlayStation 3; Move bundle with camera and demo games to retail for S$99 ($72).

The Move is on its way to Asia.

The PlayStation Move may be dated for many other countries, but Sony has kept details about its plans for the motion-sensing add-on vague when it comes to Asia. Japan aside, Sony has been quiet on launch details for Move in the region, but it broke its silence today with an announcement confirming that the new piece of hardware would make its debut in Singapore on September 15--the same day as Europe.

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KiasuKiasiMan4605d ago

Wow, we have always been getting the short end of the stick from Sony. For once, we're being treated right.

Last year the Slim launched a month late at $50 more than the US price.

This year we get the Move first considering we're ahead of Europe by a few hours. And at the lowest price worldwide. I really love Sony. :P

Wonder what triggered this change in policy though.