Call of Duty 2 Maps Net 1 Million...

Well, the Xbox LIVE Marketplace has the first confirmed million dollar generating download in Activision's Call of Duty 2 Map packs.

Here is the map pack download details:

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PS360PCROCKS5396d ago

DAMN! A year old game is making an extra million just off new maps

Tempo5396d ago (Edited 5396d ago )

Man this XBLM is really taking off. now everyone gonna want to get on the expandable content train. I mean making a cool million off a year old IP? (Developers in unison: HECK YEAH!!!) lol

highps35396d ago

I agree with #1 thats major ownage on there part. They made a ton of money off those extras online.

This is horrible imo opinion though. Devs will start leaving content out just to sell it after the games out. Probably already started. Games now cost 70 - 80 bucks to play fully. Thats not even seeing what sonys going to charge yet :(

Daewoodrow5396d ago

I agree, it could lead to rises in content cost and it is more incentive to release games before they are really finished. This means that by and large, the consumer loses out.

But on the other hand, it will attract better developers to the console, when they realise there is indefinite money in the marketplace.

So that means more exclusives, Bigger budgets, and guarantees survival for the console in general.

BIadestarX5396d ago (Edited 5396d ago )

I'm not sure if I agree since as far as I remembered the game big and no one complained that the game was missing a map or level... so, "evs will start leaving content out just to sell it after the games out." it is not a proven fact. But something that can be proven is that we are still talking and playing and old game like if it was new. If they wouldn't be coming up with new content this game would be collecting dust, like every PS2 game; once you beat the game the game is dead.
Only with the 360 I felt the need to keep the games I buy because I know new content will be coming. I can't speak for everyone but I don't mind playing $5-$10 for new content to keep me playing a game I bought a year ago, instead of having to pay another $49/$59 for a game that will also be collecting dust once I beat them. I can understand why you may be concerned but I don't think Activition will develop 4 maps and put them on hold for 1 year to release to sell it. Simply does not make cense. There are pros and cons but so far everything seems to be working well. Also remember you don't have to buy the new content; and if you feel the game is not complete (i.e. wtf is the ending!) read the reviews before you buy a game.

richie007bond5396d ago

1 million for some exstra maps,microsoft know what there doing and this is just the begining,pszero better watch out,the 360 rocks its just getting better and better

Tempo5396d ago (Edited 5396d ago )

I'll have to disagree on the point of developers cutting games short and exploiting the EC side of digital distribution. Its like the article says only Activision with COD seem to have the formula right, i sincerly doubt that a siginficant majority of developers would jump in head first into the unproven and relatively fledgling concept of expandable content (by fledging I mean not mature sucess-wise a business venture).

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