Black Ops ad on hints of a Black Ops Beta?

On if you search "black ops mp teaser download link" there is a ad on the right hand side of the Bing webpage for the official Call of Duty Black ops website that says below it "Sign up for your Beta Key now. Be the first to test."

Warning: If you have AdBlock you will not be able to see the ad.

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pustulio4308d ago

I don't see anything neither and i don't have AdBlock.


mrv3214308d ago

You should consider getting ABP then...

HSx94307d ago

If the ad is not real then they can be sued for false advertising, and I doubt they want to get sued for millions of dollars.

mrmcygan4308d ago

Well then just click the read full story, it will then take you to a Bing webpage. now the ad should be either in the middle of the screen or the right side of the screen( depends on your monitor size). It should be there

Anime-Vixen4308d ago

Oh. Well thxs for the pic. Bubbles!
This is great news! I can't wait!

Anime-Vixen4307d ago

And why do i have a disagree?
Seriously just stop people!

life doomer4308d ago

I see it, what about you?

wlchrbandit4307d ago

They seem to have a page under construction for it. (see image>)

When you click it it just takes you to their normal site.. for now.

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