Sonic: More images

Sega released this whole bunch of new Sonic the Hedgehog images, still planned for a late 2006 release.

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TheMART5395d ago

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haha 04 Aug 2006 12:50

Voting lame on every 360 article is actually lame 'haha'. This game will even be the same on your POS3, so I guess you are just a negative guy

Enjoy voting lame! Then we just enjoy the game!

I would like to see this Sonic game running although it has never really got my attention...

HaHa5395d ago

only a lowlife like themart would vote cool on his own posted articels. hahaha pathetic i love it

Sphinx5395d ago

...I voted it Cool... he did not.

Tempo5395d ago

Boy ...does somebody feel stupid

PS360PCROCKS5395d ago

I am buying this game, I love Sonic games, wait til the demo if they do it right, this game will be a huge hit