Sledgehammer COD audio tops Dead Space's

Eurogamer writes:

Sledgehammer Games' first-person Call of Duty game will have better audio than Dead Space had.

That's according to co-founder Glen Schofield, who should know: he created Dead Space while at Activision's rival publisher EA.

"Picking composers 4 the game," Schofield tweeted.

"Fun stuff, think we found a great fit. Audio will be better than what we did on Dead Space."

Schofield mentioned Don Veca, Sledgehammer's audio director, in the tweet. Veca moved to Sledgehammer Games after 18 years at Electronic Arts, where he was an audio director on Dead Space.

Schofield's promise is a confident one: Dead Space won a bunch of awards for its sound, including Sound Design of the Year and Audio of the Year at the seventh annual Game Audio Network Guild Awards, the DICE Award for Outstanding Achievement in Sound Design, the GDC Award for Best Audio, and two BAFTAs for Use of Audio and Original Score.

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jmmurillo864606d ago

How can you compare Dead Space (Survival-Horror) with COD (Run&Gun)?? Try to top DICE (BFBC2) audio tech, that would be an achievement.