Xbox difficult to sell new games on now

During a conference call yesterday and after posting a loss of $31 million, Midway commented on the current drop of support by Microsoft and game publishers for the original Xbox. While praising Sony's and Nintendo's history of solid past-gen support, the company said that Xbox is "going to be pretty difficult to certainly sell any new games for" after the holiday season.

It is only logical that Microsoft is focusing on a potential money maker, the 360, after incurring so many losses on the Xbox. But is a lack of support for a successful past-gen console (in terms of units sold) still abnormal and bothersome for gamers?

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Tempo5397d ago

Hell does this really suprise anyone it was always gonna be like this eventually. It was the same with every other console iteration from the past unitl Sony made it a staple i.e backwards compatibility

zypher5397d ago (Edited 5397d ago )

well actually, both Atari and Nintendo (with the Gameboys) had backwards compatibility with previous systems before Sony came along. the reason they made it a staple is probably because of their name recognition at the time of PS2's release.

Microsoft's lack of support for the XBox in light of the 360 doesn't bother me that much...after all, i'm usually one to adopt to the newer system pretty quickly anyway. haven't bought a XBox game since i got rid of my XBox. but what does bother me is the backwards compatibility issue. so far, besides Morrowind (which was given to my by a friend), all of my old XBox games work on my 360: but Ninja Gaiden freezes some times, and Fable works downright horribly. only Halo works perfectly. Microsoft made BC an importance to their system when they decided to go with it: since they made it they NEED to make it right, otherwise they shouldn't have made it at all. now i didn't get my 360 just to play old XBox games, but it sure as hell is a worthwhile feature to have.

Marriot VP5397d ago

old gen, everybody's jumping in to the 360

USMChardcharger5397d ago

well, no $hit midway...we have the 360 make 360 games. problem solved.

DJ5397d ago

Microsoft abandoning 24 million customers. =/ If they had true backwards compatibility on the 360 it wouldn't be that big of a problem, but software developers are the ones that end up losing out. MS lost too much money on the Xbox 1 so it's not surprising that they want to get rid of it and hit next-gen as soon as possible. I was planning on getting an Xbox for Halo 2 (i'm hella addicted but still don't own one). Sony dropped the PS2 price to 130 while MS raised the Xbox price to 180...which is just wierd. And yeah, every store i've been to sells it for 180 because it's bundled with forza motorsport..a 20 dollar game and XBLA which is 10. Consumers don't even save money. They get forced to pay for things they may not even want. =/

joemutt5397d ago

Too bad Sony is doing it alot worse than MS, too bad for consumers like you and me.

Marriot VP5397d ago

no not 24 million customers. Come on it's not abandoning they still make xbox 1 games. If anybody it's the developers so don't be so quick to smack down MS. And nobody's forced to buy the xbox 1 and forza. It'd be retarded of them to pay near half of what it'd cost for a 360 premium. The system lasted 5 YEARS and now it's time to move on.

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