Mafia 2 Demo Now Available On XBL

The single player demo for the upcoming Mafia 2 is now available via Xbox Live.

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Yi-Long2995d ago

... can't wait to try it out.

T9X692995d ago

I'm playing it now, the controls seem a little tight, but it sure is fun as hell. Only thing that sucks is the 10min limit, hopefully there will be a glitch to freeze it.

AAACE52995d ago

DAM... usually I turn on my 360 in the morning to see if any new downloads came out... but I decided to come here!

Downloading now...

Yi-Long2995d ago

... game looks great though (although I haven't left the apartment yet, so what do I know!? )

gillri2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

downloading on 360, now I need to decide whether to get this or the PS3 version

will download it and see if there are any big differences, if there arent then will get PS3 version due to the exclusive DLC

if the 360 looks alot better (like with RDR) than will probably get the 360 version

im sure the PC version would looks awesome but I tend not to play PC games these days

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Wizziokid2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

going to download now, can't wait to play this!

EDIT: that is was awesome game

Syaz12995d ago

is it available for everyone or just those with gold account? i'm a silver account member, and i don't want to take the trouble to go online just to know it's only for gold members.

Substance1012995d ago

Dam thats sad. Downloading it for free on steam. Why limit demos to gold members only?

Stuart57562995d ago

Not gold idiot, silver get it too. Ignore this liar.

Syaz12995d ago

just tried it. gold only sadly. thx for the answers tho.

King_many_layers2995d ago

that ought to teach them not to be so harsh. "idiot"s

Who'm I trying to kid? It is afterall the internet.

How come UK PSN always gets the updates a day late, does anybody know why ??

DelbertGrady2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

I'm pretty sure it's only available for PS+ members if you are on PSN as well. I saw an article about some form of 24 hour exclusivity. If you are a silver XBL member it will be available in a couple of days.

Substance1012995d ago

Its weird as a PC user to see such petty things as a Demo which should be free now used to promote stuff as xbox gold or psn+

Stuart57562995d ago

Silver get it, maybe not straight away buy they defo get it, why wouldn't they want all Live members demo access?

omi25p2995d ago

the demo is exclusive to gold and plus for 24 hours then becomes avalible for silver and non psn+ memebers

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Yardie2995d ago

I just played this on Ps3 and can confirm that i will be purchasing it day 1.

zippox2995d ago

bullshit. it's not out on psn yet, neither psn+ nor psn-

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The story is too old to be commented.