New, high-quality Pokemon Black/White scans

A few more leaked scans of Pokemon Black/White have surfaced, showing off a ton of new content, as well as the four older scans, now in high-quality.

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jazzking20013696d ago

these games keep sucking me in

Valay3696d ago

I took a loooooooooooong break until HeartGold, but there's a good chance that I'll play either Black or White (though I'm not even sure which version I'd get). Based on what we've heard about the game, it seems to me like it's quite a bit different than past Pokemon games.

SpaceFox3696d ago

Saw these this morning. Some of the newly announced Pokemon actually aren't that bad. The Luvdisc evolution is nice, and the red crystal, rock thing looks badass.

ZombieNinjaPanda3696d ago

I don't think it's been confirmed to be a Luvdisk evo yet.

SpaceFox3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

Yeah, they haven't mentioned that yet. But it better be. It looks just like Luvdisc. Heart-shaped, pink, gills, water-type. What else could it be?

52pickup3696d ago

Electivire was a pre-release D/P Pokemon and at the time of it's reveal there was no information initially in CoroCoro that Electivire was Electabuzz's evolved form,so maybe the next issue of coroCoro will reveal more on Mamambou and will reveal that it is a evolved form of Luvdisc.

MoreRPG3696d ago

i wonder if there is an eevee evolution in this one and what type it would be