IGN Rewind Theater: Call of Duty: Black Ops Multiplayer Teaser Trailer

An analysis of the new Call of duty: Black ops Multiplayer Trailer.

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TruEve3819d ago

think Black Ops will surprise a lot of people in a good way. Treyarch is listening to the community's suggestions and are dedicated to proving themselves as competent protectors of the COD franchise. I'm looking forward to the full reveal on September 1st :).

It's cool that they took notes from that Spetsnaz commando from "The Ultimate Warrior" lol. I remember the show demonstrating the 'ballistic knife'.

JonnyBadfinger3819d ago

looks promising, but to judge whether or not the game is any good i will have to wait until it launches in november. i wont say what i liked or didnt like because chances are, that alot will have changed come release day.

But i does just look like another CoD to me. and i lol'd at the mid air dive, would be hilarious watching people do that over balconies.

SilentNegotiator3819d ago

Looks a lot more interesting than MW2 to me.

3819d ago
swishman3819d ago

that knife looks a bit too commando for my tastes...

nickjkl3818d ago

thats what infinity ward did with modern warfare 2

hey listened to the community they had that page and developers were posting on it regularly and we got modern warfare 2

xAlmostPro3818d ago

i agree, it seems very well balanced while still throwing in a few fun things.. which is where infinity dropped it.. they threw in a few gimmicky things and ended up making it a game for the 'less skilled'..

treyarch have the chance to re-do cod4 all over again, as in when that came out it was like 'holy crap..this is good!' lol

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SpitFireAce853819d ago

also notice the spike camera covers the mini map on the
left side to balance the game play.So you cant see the
mini map if you have the cam up.

VictoriousOne3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

I think it's safe to say that most of the 'true' gamers have had enough with the call of doodies. I really, truly hope that this game fails miserably (which it won't unfortunately)

To me, buying this game equates to pulling down my pants and bending over, and that's something I refuse to do.

bodybombs3819d ago

so because i enjoy arcade shooters im not a true gamer? seems like a silly statement to me. im not gonna say that its the best game ever, but i still like to start a match and get some quick kills here and there.

dont get me wrong, mw2 pisses me off with all the kids running around laggin the game and sending me a message every 10 seconds to join a damn prestige lobby, but i still have fun playing with friends.

now i certainly will play other games like the new fallout and the new halo and lbp2 and gears 3 and killzone 3, but im def gonna get this too. now if you dont think im a true gamer, then so be it.

vickers5003819d ago

Playing a CoD game does not make you less of a gamer, HOWEVER; if all you play is CoD and close yourself off to other fantastic gaming experiences, then yes, you are not a true gamer.

Games are like food, they all have different tastes, and sometimes you are hungry for something different.

Games like CoD are junk food. We know they aren't quite the best for us, yet we still hunger for them every now and then, and who wants to only eat gourmet cuisine(Uncharted 2, Heavy Rain, Bioshock, Fallout 3, MGS4, LBP)?

CoD is pretty much what you call a "fix". Sometimes I'm in the mood to get ridiculous amounts of kills that take no skill at all to achieve. That's what CoD is all about, making you feel better than you actually are. It's like being an ugly(unskilled in this metaphor) person, but having someone telling you that you are beautiful. It's a skill simulator, and sometimes, it's nice to have that feeling.

But if you prevent yourself from experiencing truly great experiences, and just play CoD non-stop, then you can not consider yourself a "true" gamer in any sense.

bodybombs3818d ago

well said, i agree with you on that.

Jack-Pyro3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

If something is fun, and its a video game.....and you play it, that makes you a gamer.

If I have fun with Black Ops, it makes me a gamer. Dose it make me a whining gamer....nope, that's a person who keeps complaining about a truly good series that while it dose not always innovate, at least takes a step forward in terms of awesome new things to do........>.>

PS3-2473819d ago

Hardcore COD players aren't gamers to me. They are zombies. All they play is COD. Just about everyone on my friends list play COD every day. If not COD it's another FPS. It's like a virus that will never go away.

Come Nov. I'm getting GT5. Too bad I'll be seeing more people on my friends list playing Black Ops.

TrevorPhillips3819d ago

I'll be buying alot of games coming out this year bro :)

Black Ops
Dead Rising 2
and more :)

DoctorXpro3819d ago

for me this year

Halo Reach
Fable 3
Fallout NV
Black Ops

JakemanPS319943819d ago

i herd NFS:hp dosnt comeout this year

jagstatboy3818d ago

I play COD a lot but I also take a break for a few days at a time to play Darksiders and Borderlands. I like juggling 3 games at a time, haha.

Chuk53819d ago

Like down to the recycled animations and gameplay :(

MRHARDON3819d ago

Ha you are a blind fanboy? You do realize Treyarch is using the motion capturing system that was used for Avatar?

So this game will be very good by the motion capturing video I saw on an interview of a studio tour at Treyarch :)

jozzah3819d ago

Did you see the guy Jump? Good motion capture my ass

Gawdl3y3819d ago

What was wrong with the jump motion capture sequence? That was a mo-capped Spetsnaz soldier actually doing the jump.

mcnablejr3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )


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