IGN: Shaun White Skateboarding Preview

Shaun White Skateboarding, like so many games these days, is aiming to be accessible. By opening up the typically niche activity of skateboarding, Ubisoft hopes that it can capture an audience typically missed by hardcore games like EA's Skate. I recently walked over to Ubisoft's office (yes, IGN's new digs are close enough to stroll on in whenever we please) to take a look at the latest version of Shaun White Skateboarding, updated since I last checked out the game at a Pre-E3 event. It was my first time going hands-on with the game and, being a non-skateboarder, I found there to be plenty for casual fans to enjoy.

xtremexx4858d ago

For some reason im really excited for the game. is because of that guy from the Community being at E3 or is it because of the creativity?................... ............................... ............................... ...................

Nah its the guy from Community


Ubisoft has 'paused' advertising on Twitter

Numerous major advertisers have suspended advertising on the platform following a report that found their ads appearing next to pro-Nazi content.

Jin_Sakai6d ago

Don’t think I’ve ever even seen a Ubisoft ad on X.

VenomUK5d ago

'Ubisoft has 'paused' advertising on Twitter'.

That's ironic.

DrDoomer5d ago

Sounds like a short term improvement to twitter.

LordoftheCritics6d ago

Media Matters manipulating the narrative of this world.
Ubisoft bending over hard.

Thank the lord for X.

Jin_Sakai6d ago

Media Matters are just pure evil as Elon said.

5d ago
darthv725d ago

They should change their name to Narrative Matters

Christopher5d ago

Love the buy in here. Media Matters, that thing most people have never even heard of until now, is manipulating the narrative of this world but 100% not Elon who literally owns one of the biggest sites for pushing his own narrative and uses it to promote "freedom of speech for me but not for thee" as exampled by going after someone for having the freedom to speak out against his site. Glad he gets to gatekeep freedom of speech while claiming that everyone should be able to say what they want.

Love the idolatry in your last sentence, though. Chef's kiss.

VenomUK5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Christopher. There's more to this story.

X/Twitter is taking Media Matters to court because it engineered its results.

Magatsuhi5d ago

Your example of him 'gatekeeping' freedom of speech is Elon going after media matters for manufacturing false reports? You downplay media matters as if it it didn't have significant repercussions for their actions so whether you've heard of them or not is irrelevant. What's relevant is the effect they had.

It's crazy how you could express so confident your opinion and at the same time be so wrong. This is the world we live in now where people like you are so wrong and make up the majority.

Christopher5d ago

*** X/Twitter is taking Media Matters to court because it engineered its results. ***

Literally not what happened. Him saying it doesn't make it so. Heck, shall we just *point at Lionsgate, Disney, and Apple leaving because of Musk's own comments that prove Media Matters findings*

***Your example of him 'gatekeeping' freedom of speech is Elon going after media matters for manufacturing false reports?***

Oh, no, there are plenty of other examples. The guy who tracked his plane or people who mentioned where he was even though it was public information. How about his anti-Union tactics w/Tesla and firing people for that freedom? Oh, how about prioritizing speech for those that pay him? Banning competitors? Banning journalists who criticize him? Abides by India and Turkey demands to remove content even after he says he won't block Russian news sources unless at gunpoint? So much freedom and yet it's not.

Huey_My_D_Long5d ago

Dude litterally censored people by request of Government officials from Turkey. When Called out on him not supporting free speech, Elon said "What? You expect me to lose business in an entire country or ban a couple of people"

Its fucking laughable how full of shit he is, but the fact that a large people say he protects free speech is way sadder than funny. He is not your friend.

Pocahontas5d ago

We will see in court. The main guy at MM sounds just as petty as musk. Elon has an easy case as no idiot in the world would actually force this and think it’s going to be a ROI. #1 rule is don’t piss off your advertisers or go broke. This isn’t a real thing. That is common sense which people seem to leave at the door because they hate the man so much. Same as Trump.

Crows905d ago

Nobody is perfect. Just like people here will argue about who deserves a ban, etc. matter of perspective and quite frankly a lot of knowledge that you or we are not privy to depending on platform.

You should know this.

Christopher5d ago

***Elon has an easy case as no idiot in the world would actually force this and think it’s going to be a ROI. #1 rule is don’t piss off your advertisers or go broke. ***


5d ago
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Seraphim5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

lmfao, media matters engineered the results!? Even in their [X] court filing they admitted it could happen. They just don't like the process used which in fact did show what they reported. So GTFO with that bs narrative. Like it or not what they reported was accurate as it can and did happen, and that is a matter of fact even X can't, and didn't argue against in their very own filing...

5d ago
LordoftheCritics5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Lol terrible take, no basis.

Freedom of speech is not freedom from consequences.

Yes let us all talk shit about you on N4G, i'm sure your defamation will be greenlit with celebration and zero consequences.

5d ago
5d ago
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Dandizzle5d ago

Your a certified sucker, go donate your McDonald's money to Trump

BlackTar1875d ago

O look a shining example from the party of acceptance and tolerance. You sound like a brainwashed sheep.

No one mentioned trump he just lives in your head rent free because you are the sheep the msm creates.

FPS_D3TH5d ago

Trump lives rent free in your head

BlackTar1875d ago

Rent free lol.

Like the clapping seals at seaworld.

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RiseNShine5d ago

Ubisoft is the Disney of videogames, i wouldn't expect any less.

Huey_My_D_Long5d ago

Watching Elon Burn his investment to the ground has been rather cathartic. one of the biggest idiots out there

Pocahontas5d ago

He didn’t buy it because it’s a cash cow. He bought it for personal political reasons.

Seraphim5d ago

No, he bought it because he was forced to. He never had any intention of actually buying the company as was evident in him doing everything in his, and the legal systems power to not close the deal.

Pocahontas4d ago

@Seraphim Weak speculation. He’s a troll. He had everyone teething. Turned “millions” into billions. Richest man on the planet and your out here pretending to be in the know, better than Elon. It should be earth shattering to your ego when you finally realize this.🤣

DrDoomer5d ago

Yeah, what an idiot! He might be one of the most successful businessmen ever, but who cares!? Ubisoft is not advertising Assassins' Creed 39 on his platform! He must be tossing in his sleep. srsly what a dumbass, unlike us random gaming news site commenters.

Huey_My_D_Long5d ago

Most successful? Guess you are dumber than him.
Please defend a trust fund baby whose family made millions in apartheid sa. Having intelligence isn't required to be rich, just the capital to pay smart people to exploit their work for you.
lol its like ya might as well go suck the Bobby Koticks dick as well

DrDoomer5d ago

I said - "one of the most successful". Learn to read, smart guy.
If this idiot managed to make billions from "randomly getting millions", then surely a brilliant mind like yours can get rich too, Instead of slinging angry, kinder-garden-level insults at random people on the internet.