Tumble Appears To Be Another Under-Rated Gem In PlayStation Move's Launch Line-Up

PushSquare: "We recently posted about Echochrome II - the PlayStation Move controlled shadow-manipulation puzzle title - not getting the attention it deserved. Seems we've been skipping over Tumble too. Set to release on the PlayStation Network day-and-date with the Move controller, Tumble's a physics-led puzzle title which has you using the PlayStation Move to reach into 3D space and stack blocks on top of each other."

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tynam4188d ago

Hmmm, that seems pretty cool, i would like to see this on Kinect

52pickup4188d ago

This looks really good. Nice to see some PSN titles for Move. I can see some people having quite a bit of fun with this game,taking turns to build things etc.

tiamat54188d ago

Move has the accuracy to pull this off. It looks like it will take some serious concentration to build such a high tower though.