Jaffe Still Loyal to Sony: Talks PS3, PS4 and God of War 3

GamePro sat down with famed God of War creator David Jaffe and Twisted Metal mastermind Scott Campbell at their new Salt Lake City studios to discuss the PS3 (not to mention PS4, and PS5), review scores, God of War sequels, casual games, and the current state of the industry. While Jaffe is now independent, his loyalties still remain with Sony.

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Marona5099d ago

Looking forward to his games in the future.

Maddens Raiders5099d ago

and so am I. Playstation rules the *world and will win this console war. That's the bottom line. Period.

hotshot12375099d ago

thats why i love these guys and hideo kojima. maybe the people that say its all about money arent loyal but some people are. and if i were game design. (which im going to college for) i would be loyal to somebodoy who helped me too.

rushbd5099d ago

If MS thinks they can BUY everything with money, they are wrong.

ShAkKa5099d ago

his works will be like insomniac 2nd party.

s8anicslayer5099d ago

god of war 3, twisted metal for ps3 ,bring it

Wolverick5099d ago

Can't wait to play those 3 games they are developing. I really hope they stay sony exclusive even after these three. Those exclusives seem to be getting less and less so the more the merrier. And GOW3 on PS3 = orgasm

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The story is too old to be commented.