Grand theft scapegoat: the ridiculous jihad against video games

In May, By a vote of 106 to 6, the Illinois legislature passed a measure banning the sale of "violent" and "sexually explicit" video games to minors. The California Assembly is considering its own version of a prohibition on game sales to the underaged, and Washington, Indiana, and Missouri already have enacted similar laws, only to see them struck down on First Amendment grounds.

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Shadowstorm5048d ago

Tsk tsk, a picture of a cup of coffee? I'm sure you guys can do better than that =P.

T-Rac5048d ago

why are you tsking News4 when really you should've added your own pic if you didn't want a pic of a cup of coffee :S ?

Im sure thye are busy enough and thats the best they could come up with!

Shadowstorm5048d ago

Chill out Swifty/Lee.

I like N4G, it just seemed kind of random.

And don't call me a twat.

T-Rac5048d ago

where did I call you a twat Brendon?

timmyp535048d ago

i voted this lame cuz im mature enough to play any game but not old enough because of grand theft auto games

Bill Nye5048d ago

Terrible usage of the word 'jihad'.

Cyclonus5048d ago

Big deal. M rated games shouldn't be sold to minors.

And the Science Guy is right; don't throw around words like "jihad".