BHG: Madden NFL 11 Review

It's that time of the year again. Time for American Football fans to upgrade their cable, purchase overpriced replica jerseys, stock their freezers full of chicken wings, purchase season tickets, and of course purchase the new edition of Madden. Luckily this year's version is an actual improvement over the previous next-generation installments, so spending $59.99 won't make you want to strangle Madden himself.

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VTHockey4114563d ago

Way to break the embargo date. You may have given Madden a nice score, but I don't think EA will be too appreciative, especially considering you probably didn't get a review copy - which would explain why you don't know when the embargo lifts - and instead just got an early copy through a retailer that started selling too early.

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heroicjanitor4563d ago

I amn't American but I gave the demo a shot. I stopped playing very quickly when I realised the game plays itself for the most part, nearly everything is handled by the computer...

ranmafandude4563d ago

same shit different number lol.

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