Various RPG scans for Aug 5: 10 RPGs

Scans of Final Fantasy XIV, White Knight Chronicles 2, Last Ranker, Inazuma Eleven 3, Tactics Ogre PSP remake, Dragon Quest Monster Battle Road Victory, Fable III, Patapon 3 (somehow an RPG), Xenoblade, and Yakuza New Chapter.

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Cloudberry3651d ago

In the scan, there's also tons of mini-games just like the console game version.

* Karaoke.
* Mach Bowling.
* Casino.
* Batting Cage.
* Massage Parlor.
* Club SEGA (UFO Catcher).
* Part Time Jobs mini-games (Gellatio, Smile Burger, Ramen shop, etc).
* ASIA Strip club.

Also 2 new characters introduced.

Hyuga (last) Shou (first) & Makabe (last) Hayato (first).

Looks great for a PSP game.

Redempteur3651d ago

great ? awesome ..i totally dig the way they did the adaptation of gameplay ..

TheColbertinator3651d ago

White Knight Chronicles 2 and Fable 3 are looking damn good.

ranmafandude3651d ago

i beat trinity universe now I'm just waiting for alteria rorona to come out in September in America. i also want to try to get yakuza 3 now that i bought the big games a couple of months ago like bad company 2 and gow3.

Redempteur3651d ago

yakuza 3 will be a great way to wait rorona if you beat trinity universe ...

ranmafandude3651d ago

i only got 4 trophies left till i platinum trinity universe and it takes forever to drift them damn dungeons lol.

Redempteur3651d ago

i take my time to enjoy trinity universe so it'll last longer for me ..

RedPawn3651d ago

White Knight 2
Last Ranker
Final Fantasy XIV

For Me.