Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow – Crush! Frag! Review!

CFD!'s Beki Sutcliffe takes a look at the third entry in the Blue Dragon series:

"Set two years after the events of the successful Xbox 360 exclusive Blue Dragon, and a year after the Nintendo DS follow-up, Blue Dragon Plus, the next in the series, Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow makes an attempt (albeit small) to move away from the stereotypes of its predecessors and the RPG genre in general.

"For the first time in the series, Blue Dragon features a customizable player character, reserving the original characters of Shu, Jiro and the others as friends and party members. It also showcases some fun new gameplay mechanics to really shake things up. At the very least, it’s nice to see some risk-taking going on in this game, but it’s tough to say whether or not this is enough to make this sequel shine."

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tigresa3733d ago

I don't really like these style of RPGs. They feel/play/look so generic. :F

ShadowPraxis3733d ago

I don't think Akira Toriyama's art style helps much with that. People either love his style or hate it.

SynGamer3733d ago

Aside from not being drawn into the Blue Dragon universe what-so-ever, I agree, the art style just screams "bland".