First in-game shots of Stronghold 3

FireFly Studios released the first ever in-game screenshots of Stronghold 3.

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ps3best4128d ago

screenies look very bad graphics

Kiriel4128d ago

Yeah they're a bit disappointing. Then again, the original SH and SH2 weren't particularly strong on graphics either.

pr0digyZA4129d ago

loved the first stranglehold hope they can equal that after the lame 2nd one.

Beahmscream4129d ago

Stronghold* :D
I agree though, looks like the same graphics as the second..

pr0digyZA4129d ago

lol yeah meant to say that.:D

Hazmat134128d ago

john woo stranglehold. lol good game lots of fun.

fishd4129d ago

Boy oh boy,I have fond fond memories of the first one.I think I have the game somewhere around...

Off to play some stronghold,so awesome

specialguest4128d ago

I loved the first Stronghold. The second Stronghold not so much. I hope this third addition will be a huge improvement.

Sidewinder-4128d ago

How 'strong' is this game?

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