PlayStation Home: It Only Does Weddings, Love Stories, Happy Endings

The last place that someone would look to find love, is PlayStation Home. Though the majority of PlayStation Home users are there just to socialize and have some fun, many male users take it upon themselves to sexually harass female users, or unknowingly, a male users using a female avatar. Despite this sad stereotype that Home has been plagued with, there was at least one love story with a fairy tale ending.

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ClownBelt4311d ago

Owww..They don't have a law against gay marriage in New Mexico right?

Sev4311d ago

I can see why the both of you only have one bubble. Totally immature.

BannedForNineYears4311d ago (Edited 4311d ago )

Rofl, that wasn't immature at all Sev.
I lold.

Can't help but think of this song.

Godmars2904311d ago

So I guess now someone has to get married on XBL...

BrianG4311d ago

Haha, gotta get married in Game Room. I'm only kidding.

RockmanII74311d ago (Edited 4311d ago )


Master Chief - Registered Priest
*waits for Pedobear Rocks to make a funny*

TABSF4311d ago

I really do feel sorry for that family

How they will grow old hating the day they should of loved


_EvilMonkey_4311d ago

later a Divorce option will be added to Home. not only it does Marriages but it also lets you Divorce that person.

Nitrowolf24311d ago

i have 2000 trophies
let the divorce commence
slow day

Blackfire_x84311d ago

Gotta love the date they married.

Slow news day?

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The story is too old to be commented.