Got spare money? Be a voice actor in Saints Row 3!

If you've always wanted to be one of those pedestrians in an open world game who gets shoved and says something like "Hey!" or "Dude!" or "What the...?", now is your chance.

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electricshadow2992d ago

Interesting. If I had the money to spare, I would definitely do it. The money is going to a good cause.

smashman982992d ago

who the hell disagreed with u, i swear ppl these days

BBAM2992d ago

Who disagreed with you apparently o_O

multips3fan2992d ago

was saint row 2 good?i only played the first one

kanetheking2992d ago

i found it more fun then gta iv.

kunark2991d ago

i liked saints row better then gt4 aswell the way you can pimp out cars and your gang was cool it has its flaws but i still liked it better

TheLastGuardian2992d ago

Normally they would pay you to do voice acting. Maybe it would be worth it if you had an actual role in the game but not everyone is qualified. It's not like you'll get famous nobody will even recognize your voice and if you tell your friends it's you they either won't believe you or they won't care Anyways, I can't wait to play it.

RockmanII72992d ago

Way to read the article.

"This is one of several items donated to the family of Ashely Ames, a young woman who died from injuries sustained in a house fire last month. The proceeds will go towards a scholarship fund in her name."

delayedreaction2992d ago

I agree with the second part, not the first. Many people don't care that you had a line, but I think the cause is great.

delayedreaction2992d ago

Same thing happened with The Matrix Reloaded - tons of people were in the highway scene, but nobody really cared that they were "Guy in Blue Prius"

IaMs122992d ago

True but not many people can say i was in that car in the movie that got crushed by a man jumping on it haha.
Like one of my teachers are one of the feet dancers in the beginning of Footloose movie. Still its a cool thing to say

ExitToExisT2992d ago

im seeing news about this when SR3 comes out

"i paid tons of $$$$ but my voice isnt in the game!!!"

N4PS3Fanboys2992d ago

Hmm... I don't think It would be worth paying to be in a Saints Row game. Maybe if it was GTA V.

T9X692992d ago

Not if you're a big fan of Saints Row. Saints Row had the fun activities GTA 4 should have had.

unknownhero11232991d ago

It is if you like giving to charities.

pixelsword2991d ago

It's actually going to a scholarship fund, which I neither oppose nor approve. It all depends on the qualifying factors in obtaining the scholarship.

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