Machinarium will be available on PSN and WiiWare

Critically aclaimed PC title coming to PSN and WiiWare

Note: Sorry for the translation but that is how google translator works

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Fulensenca3866d ago

I' m very, very interested in Machinarium!

Can' t wait :D I just hope that it comes out soon!


Looks like a PlayStation Move Compatible game.

captain-obvious3866d ago

i love this game

all of you PPL should try it out

HolyOrangeCows3866d ago

I hope so. It would be perfect to use as a pointer so that it'd be just like the original version.

Dark General3866d ago

Most definitely. I played the demo last year and I was floored by how awesome it was. Point and click adventures are actually one of my secrete favorite genre's.

Cerberus21253866d ago

I was going to get this on Steam today but if its coming out on PSN I'm not.

comp_ali3866d ago

the dev is running a promotion on their site (not steam) for the PC/Mac/linux version (5$ from 20$) I am afraid it won't be the same case on PSN and XBLA beside it is a point and click game , much eaiser with a mouse.
just saying.

Schobeleth3866d ago (Edited 3866d ago )

Definitely getting it on PSN as well. I'll gobble those trophies up and enjoy the game all over again :)

Oh and also: Shame on Microsoft for passing this game up, it's why the PSN is THE choice for a unique variety and quality downloadable titles.

OmarJA-N4G3866d ago ShowReplies(3)
e-p-ayeaH3866d ago

great add! i hope to see minecraft on PSN+ someday! :D

Timesplitter143866d ago

why PSN+? Why not just PSN?

Pandamobile3866d ago

Lol, consolized Minecraft. Good luck with that.

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The story is too old to be commented.