New Project Sylpheed images

Square Enix (producer of Final Fantasy series) has updated the official Project Sylpheed page exclusive game on 360 with new images and infos. In this update we get 6 ships, 2 new characters and a few images from two concurrent factions.

Japanese gameproducers seem to switch from Sony/PS commitment to XBOX. They are convinced of the easy programming environment on 360 and the great support Microsoft gives them.

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Lucidmantra5392d ago

Looks like a Wing Commander with better graphics and not Real TIme Movie action.

specialguest5392d ago

for 360 owners that are fans of SquareEnix games, instead of all of that FF stuff, Xbox360 needs their own exclusive series like this game. hopefully, it won't be crap.

Balance5392d ago

if i remember there was an awsome game (only good game) on the sega CD called sylpheed. for the time the graphics were awsome.

graboid95392d ago

hmmm, I guess you never played Snatcher, Dark Wizard, Shinning force,or both Lunar games. There were planty of great games for the sega cd. the game you were thinking of is silpheed.

HaHa5392d ago

only a lowlife like themart would vote cool on his own posted articels. hahaha pathetic i love it

BadTaste5392d ago

he's a lowlife? at least he doesn't have several profiles like you just to go voting lame on Xbox 360 articles. Don't you have anything better to do than acting like a nobhead? why don't you go out for once or atleast look out your window.. if you have one.

TheMART5391d ago

Well it's quit easy to answer ssj/gametime

When I like the actual article myself, I vote cool on it. It's not because I put the item there, it's because I like the news.

But really sick dumb it is that you vote lame on every 360 article. Now go get some brain transplantation please

Balance5392d ago

you are absolutly right it was silpheed (which looked much better than starfox but it got all the raves), sonic cd was pretty good also. ahh the good old days.

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