PS3 Now 'In Full Swing'

Heads-up, PS3 fans! According to sources, the PS3 "has officially entered production". It seems that the PS3 is currently in the works, and hopefully, it won't be too long for fans to get their hands on the much-awaited console.

Phil Harrison, Sony's president of worldwide studios says that production is in full swing, from a developer's point of view; developer kits have been shipped and the controller is also in developers' hands. Apparently, Sony's got everything set, minus some improvements and modifications. The games, too, are also being tested, as many studios already have Blu-ray burners in their PCs.

So, final version of PS3 hardware? Check. PS3 controller? Check. Games? Check. Release date? Errrrm... Soon? Hopefully, we'll know more when Ken Kutaragi gives his speech at the Tokyo Games show on September 22.

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bernie5395d ago

Here it is in all it's glory:

Funny how when you see the whole thing it puts it all into context isn't it.


D R Fz5395d ago

But then again, it has barely begun. Sure Blu-ray is out but both Blu and HD still have their share of bugs to work out and then finally in all its glory, one shall be crowned the dominant format. And until the final console has be released, much of many things said can be deemed as speculation. However, this does not deter the fact that the ps3 will be a great console.

Islandkiwi5395d ago

Harrison says production is in full swing, from a developers point of view. A developer means software, not hardware.

And yes, there has been talk of Asustek starting up production in Taiwan, but that talk was squashed, not confirmed, by Asustek or Sony.

ownallconsoles5395d ago

Its about time production went into full swing. This increases my chances of get the ps3 on launch. I'm having fun with my 360 but the ps3 is definitely something i want. Its going to rock.

TheMART5395d ago

I don't believe anything anymore from Sony after all their lies untill I see something in reality. Really they've pushed all their fans too much around

"But it has been all downhill from there. "People in gaming and game publishing are drastically less excited about PlayStation 3 than they were a year ago, and competition is looking much stronger," says David Cole, a market analyst and president of San Diego-based games specialist DFC Intelligence, quoted in The Wall Street Journal.

First to worst

Sony could even go from first to worst. In a research note published on its website, DFC commented: "While it has always been clear that Sony's dominant market share was destined to decline, there now appears to be the distinct possibility the PlayStation 3 could end up third in market share behind both the [Microsoft] Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii ("

andthensum5395d ago

Mart, you should probably calm down a little bit. Production is in full swing and then finally after you have gotten the ps3, come and tell us all how terrible your experience with it is. Don't you realise that we as gamers are all in someway analysts, so rather than buying into the hype, be patient and when the ps3 comes out, we can then take to truth what is said about the tangible console. Until then, it is pure opinion. Ps3 in my opinion is going to be the best there is.

ThunderSpark5395d ago

I agree with andthensum but mart you had cited resources but where can i find a poll that was taken to prove that "People in gaming and game publishing are drastically less excited about PlayStation 3 than they were a year ago?" Because I am even more excited now than i was a year ago just because of the fact that the ps3 is in production.


Just how exactly could Sony finish 3rd, it's a long shot that they would finish second but 3rd, no way. What people are forgetting is that what is said ont his site is purley the opinions of people on this site and there ain't that many people on this site. Fact is if your not a fanboy u will not here all the up's and down's of both consoles, so where does it go from there. Well Sony was the choice last time and far as i'm concerned anyone who buys a console just for the sake of getting one will buy, Soony because it's the cool thing to have, i always heree people in the shops and people i know all have ps2's apart from the xbox fanboys and believe me any1 who has an xbox is a fanboy! So my money is on Sony!