The VGChartz Gap Charts Monthly Update

Here we have three charts representative of the three main regions tracked by VGChartz, and a global chart which brings all of the data together. The line on each graph represents the gap in the install base (sales through to consumers), and the title indicates which console is in the lead in the particular region covered.

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BryanBegins3270d ago

There is something I don't get. I don't hate VGchartz, I actually find them quite reliable most of the time. But I understand they can't be exactly accurate. However, why don't they update their information when Sony or Microsoft release their official sales? I mean, Sony recently announced having sold around 38 mio ps3, and yet, vgchartz still lists the ps3 at 36 mio! (I'm sure it's similar for the xbox, I'm not trying to start a fanboy war here, just a good conversation).

KionicWarlord2223270d ago

I dont know why they do that....but i noticed they wait awhile before they change the front page sale meter .

rroded3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

sigh even after the official numbers they keep spouting fud...

bioshock12213270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

It's because Vgchartz reports units sold to consumers. As oppose to Sony or Microsoft they report Shipped numbers because for them that equals sold regardless of what the fanboys in here want to believe.

Unless any of them have a link to both Sony or Microsoft saying themselves that they count numbers from sold to consumers only then it's mostly likely shipped number they both report.

SOAD3270d ago

How does VGChartz manage to report units sold to consumers? They'd have to do a hell of a lot of research to figure that out. Does VGChartz have a lot of people working for them or is it just one guy as has been rumored? Does VGChartz contact all the major retailers to come up with that estimate?

Also, does anyone think using "z" as an "s" sort of looks ghetto?

If the name of the site was VGCharts instead of VGChartz I'd be more impressed.

ZombieAutopsy3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

I don't think their is a 100% accurate way to count every unit sold, you gotta think NPD doesn't track every place that sells them and i'm sure its the same in the rest of the world.


Yez it doez.

Anon19743270d ago

This was from a supplemental information filing on Sony's Investor Relations site. And I quote:

"Beginning with Q1 FY07, the method or reporting hardware and software unit sales has been changed from production shipments to recorded sales."

Vgchartz's numbers for the PS3 aren't off by a little - they're off by over 2 million. I don't care if it's shipped or sold - 360 numbers pretty much seem to be bang on with what Microsoft reports but not the PS3, and it's been this way since the PS3 slim released. There was a time when VGchartz actually revised their numbers when official data became available. Apparently those days are long gone.

VGchartz isn't even in the ballpark anymore. People need to realize this and stop using them as a source.

FarEastOrient3270d ago

So according to my shareholder's reports of both Sony and Microsoft the gap is at 3.6 to 3.9 million yet vgc is still stating 5 million that's just bull.

Oner3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

Great information Darkride...I will be using that ;P

+Helpful Bubble & +Agree!

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BryanBegins3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

Come on, they are not that bad. Given the task they have to do and all the potential missed sales (bundles, etc), I find they are usually close to the actual sales. They at least give you a good idea of how a game performed.

But maybe I'm just more forgiving than you guys lol

Edit: I'm not talking only for consoles, but for games as well. I know I know, they underestimate GTA IV by 1.5 mio probably. Anyway, this is kind of my point: if they could simply update their estimates quickier, then it would be really good. I don't understand why they don't.

ClownBelt3270d ago

"close to the actual sales"

2 fricking million less and you call that close? lol

Perkel3270d ago

here is your accuarate:

back in time when odst was out th6ey wrote:

2 mln in one day after two weeks MS released numbers for first two weeks


next now sony released numbers of sold to customer and h6ere you are 2 mln diffrence....

he/them are not accuarate, EMEAA is another bullshit. there is no company that counts console sales outside UK,USA and Japan And it is stupid to think one dude will get numbers from countries like korea,ch6ina, middle east , africa, south6 america, Australia...

Poseidon3270d ago

vgchartz has alot of faults i can agree with you they need to change the ps3 from 36 to 38 Million sold.

niceguywii603270d ago

Well the assumed PS3 closing in on the 360 is based from their numbers in the first place so calling them out when the momentum shifts in favor of the 360 is pretty pathetic. The gap will be bigger than it has ever been by JAN 2011 by more than a few million.

Triella3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

Here I'll repost the little comparison I made :

First, VGC figures of unsold hardware sitting on retailer's shelves for each quarter (and gap evolution between 360 and PS3 consoles "sold to consumer"):

as of January 1st : PS3 2.4 m / 360 1.6 m (gap : 6m)
as of April 1st : PS3 2 m / 360 1.1 m (gap : 5.2 m)
as of July 1st : PS3 2.4 m / 360 0.85 m (gap : 5 m)

Currently as of August 1st : PS3 2.6 m / 360 0.5 m (gap : 5.4 m)

The last figure is estimated upon a proportional shippement figure : in the past two quarters (6 months) Sony has shipped an average of 760K console/month while MS has shipped an average of 500K/month).

Second, figures provided by both Sony and Microsoft of total hardware shipped to retailers since January (and gap evolution between 360 and PS3) :

January 1st : PS3 33.5 m / 360 38.7 million (gap : 5.2 m)
April 1st : PS3 35.7 m / 360 40.2 m (gap : 4.5 m)
July 1st : PS3 38.1 m / 360 41.7 m (gap : 3.6 m)

Currently as of August 1st : PS3 38.8 m / 360 42.20 m (gap : 3.4 m)

The last figure is also estimated upon a shippement of 760K for PS3 and 500K for 360 for the month of July.

jneul3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

well vgc try to stay within 10% of error.
wanna know what figure is within 10% is on ps3 sales??

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please please please stop using VGCHARTZ they are frauds.

playstation_clan3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

they should be called vgtards,

(Im looking at counterstrike down there and not because of his pic)

Counter Strike3270d ago

they got Japan numbers and UK damn right aswell in the US mostly of times ... and stfu if they were frauds why would they give u free number when they know that NPD numbers are coming aswell ??

Stupid sony fanboys cant deal that sony overships Ps3.

Biggunz3270d ago thats why they were so hard to get a hold of for a few months at stores...

sak5003270d ago

Ps3 are laying everywehre overstocked across Dubai shops also 360s (non slims). 360 S hasn't arrived here but both sony and 360 consoles are plenty in stocks.

T9X693270d ago

Only time I was unable to find a PS3 was around tax time this year thanks to the lower price of the slim. Every time I went to any video game store there was more than enough PS3's on the shelf. Tax time it was almost impossible.

Foliage3269d ago

Funny enough, there was NEVER a time where any store in the major city I live in ran out of 360 consoles. EVER. Including freaking LAUNCH and they are STILL stacked with 360 Slims.

It's pretty simple. If you believe this website that was created by a 360 fanboy that was kicked off NeoGaf for being widely regarded as a huge fanboy, you are an idiot. No way around that.

Kos-Mos3270d ago

Not only are their numbers faulty. The moral-code on that site is like an american patriot from the 1960`s.

gano3270d ago

Nope, they are never right, period.
Like my buddy said up top, u 2 mill off plus.
These marks is guessing. Who wants to start something similar and come out closer guessing then vgarbage.

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