Why You are Dumber Than A Casual Gamer

This week's video is about casual gamers and how they're smarter than you, even though we typically think of them as dumb, drooling pack animals who swallow any old crap if they're told to. I think I make a convincing argument, although feel free to provide me some counters!

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big_silky3968d ago

The difference between something like Farmville and lets say Halo is that you're pretty much forced to buy the map packs if you want to keep playing. Sure you don't literally have to buy them but if it's a game you love and you see your play list options getting smaller and smaller, you'll end up buying the content.

SilentNegotiator3966d ago

Eh, I don't purchase map packs, but I'd still consider myself a hardcore gamer. Most of the time, you're not really "forced" to buy map packs. Although in Halo 3, they pulled a total dick move and made some of the match types DLC maps only, and in Call of Duty, they purposely make it so that it will start a DLC map and kick you out when the match starts if you don't have the map pack, then it reminds you that you could buy their map packs.

RedSky3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

You know what is also free and highly enjoyable? Wanking.

Most utterly idiotic argument I have ever heard.

A convincing argument for why FarmVille is wasting away the only life you will ever get? How about:

- It has no compelling storyline, no clever plot twists, no social commentary.

- It is artistically vapid and doesn't look much better than your average flash game.

- There is no skill involved. It is an exercise in monotonous button clicking and grinding in pursuit of nothing more than more monotony.

- It is not inovative in the slightest.

And by the way there are tons of games out there, and yes you may have to pay for some, that do some or all of these things.

While the author may be the kind of guy who's distracted by the next shinny thing that catches their eye, I prefer to spend my free time doing something worthwhile.

(Like debasing idiotic arguments on the internet, yes I know irony, irony, irony!)

dredgewalker3966d ago

What kind of a moron would rather play Farmville than Halo or any other great hardcore game? Even with the packs it is still worth the money and people who game and complain about the cost of gaming should just stop gaming cause gaming is a hobby and a luxury.

GuruStarr783968d ago

? Why you are dumber "THEN" a casual gamer?

Learn proper English before you post stories about being dumb.

Girlgamer1163968d ago

It the internet.
We not in school so relax!

electricshadow3968d ago

"We not in school so relax"

I really hope you said that to be funny. You're correct, we're not in school. However, when you're trying to submit a news story that has poor grammar, it makes your credibility look worthless.

karl3966d ago

so which is it? English isn't my first language and now im confuse..

poindat3966d ago

The correct one is "than." I believe that he was referring to the title of the article, which has now been fixed so the reference seems a bit odd now. :p

karl3966d ago

understand I, many thanks

SilentNegotiator3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

"We not in school so relax!"

We NOT?! Than were is we?!

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Focker-4203968d ago

Actually its THAN.

'Then' is used when doing something in a sequence. 'Than' is used when comparing things. Sorry, but hes right.

Cevapi883967d ago

he was pointing that out in the title, i dont think he was saying that it was the correct grammar...the title reads THEN so the OP is incorrect, and THAN is right which you pointed out

Megaton3966d ago

Not a fan of apostrophes, eh?

it's*, he's*

I has a grammar.

DigitalRaptor3967d ago

Sorry Jim, but if Farmville was a premium game from the outlook, no-one would've played it. It's free because it's simple and no-one would pay for that, unless it's small things like extra content.

Casual gamers aren't stupid, but they just don't have as "smart" a judgement as hardcore players, or gamers who are in touch with the industry do. I would best describe casual players as ignorant. Less willing to spend money on the hobby that is gaming. In other words, they are less attached to games than hardcore players seem to be.

Farmville IS less valid than other more hardcore games like FF or Dragon Quest is because it doesn't has anywhere near the depth or variety that those sorts of games do have.

AWBrawler3966d ago

Says who? We have a console game thats like Farmville its called Harvest Moon and let me assure you that my Gamecube Harvest moon games could be just as engaging and deep gameplay wise as My kingdom Hearts, Call of Duties, and Fire Emblems.
Just like you supposed "Hardcore" gamers write of pokemon as having less depth than say Madden. That too is a lie. There is a lot to get into involving Evs, Ivs, breeding for certain natures, developing flawless pokemon with perfect move sets.

So yea. Casual gamers are smarter than most "Hardcore" gamers, cos they or more careful of what they will pay for.

stragomccloud3966d ago

Totally true on the Pokemon bit. People who think there is no depth to it, obviously haven't played enough of it. Pokemon is the only rpg where at the 80 hour mark, you're just getting started. I can't remember my playtime on the original, but on Pokemon Leaf Green for GBA, I logged about 160 hours!

Soldierone3966d ago

A game with depth in it is not a casual game. Pokemon is a simpler game, but its not as casual as what people are talking about here. Its a game you spend hours on end playing and hardcore casual gamers will NOT do that. And sure your game "looks" like Farmville, but its not Farmville. It has depth and a story to it, meanwhile Farmville does not. And I highly doubt it was made within a month in Flash....

DigitalRaptor3966d ago

But Pokemon isn't a casual game. It has deep story, characters, unique gameplay and strong roots as a franchise.

And being smart with money isn't the same as being smart. I suppose it's not as simple as what you said. Casual gamers are probably smarter in real life areas, but not in a gaming sense i.e. knowing the industry and what makes a good game in technical terms.

CaulkSlap3967d ago

Simple minds are entertained by simple things.

pixelsword3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

(sees destructoid)



Quit the fake British accent Jim; you're fooling no one.

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