Could Treyarch be hinting at a Call of Duty Black ops beta?

On the Call of Duty registration page in one of the benefits listed it states "First-in-the-world access to REDACTED -- you are not yet cleared for this information". So could they be hinting to a Call of Duty Black Ops beta?

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ingiomar4313d ago

Halo: reach is the last shooter im gonna buy this year or maybe even next year.

there are too many new shooters with only a few new features that other shooters don't have.. when really they are just the same..

so tell me which shooter is your last shooter this year?

AndrewRyan4313d ago

I am not a shooter fan whatsoever but the sheer multiplayer balance in Halo is why it is my favorite online FPS. If you are getting shot in the back, you can simply turn around and if you possess enough skill you can still kill your opponent. This is what I love about this game, the skill it takes, and the all around fun.

-Alpha4312d ago (Edited 4312d ago )

Yes, I agree, BUT, I cannot lie, I enjoy Call of Duty. I loved CoD4, and even MW2 despite its many faults. Why? Because despite its fault it was still a fun game to play, especially with my friends. Don't get me wrong, I can sit here trashing MW2 with valid reasons, but even though I hated it for so long I still played it.

I'm not 100% sure I'll have the money for Black Ops. I want to see enough changes to warrant a purchase. One thing that will sell me is split-screen online multiplayer. It's one of the reasons I love Halo and one of the features CoD neglects. If BO has it then I'm sold, no matter what.

Until then I am sticking with LBP2 and Reach for this year.

InactiveUser4312d ago

You're asking me if they could be hinting at a beta? For real?
You're asking if they could be hinting?

You're not asking if they confirmed beta.
You're not telling me they confirmed beta.
You're not telling me they're hinting at a beta.

You're asking me if they 'could be' hinting at a beta.

And this is news....

evrfighter4312d ago

"I am not a shooter fan whatsoever but the sheer multiplayer balance in Halo is why it is my favorite online FPS"

this is why fps has become to goto flavor of the month. Once gamers like you stop buying fps games. Balance shall be restored.

GWAVE4312d ago

I will try Halo Reach, but there are too many non-shooters that will take up my time this year.

On topic, since when did Activision do betas? I thought their games were perfect?

bodybombs4312d ago

remember WAW? there was a beta for that.

ATi_Elite4312d ago

We already played the Call of Duty: Black Ops Beta

It was called Modern Warefare 2

dragonelite4312d ago

alpha male totally with you while cod may not be the best looking most or the most balanced but it is fun. And fun is what keeps people playing.

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Girlgamer1164313d ago

They Better! We do not need another

T9X694312d ago

If they did I wouldn't be surprised, they had a WaW beta about a month before it launched.

unknown1004312d ago

btw please take that girly picture away!!! For the sake of humankind!!

CernaML4312d ago

On the internet, I am a 14 year old girl.

Convas4313d ago

If this turns out to be true, Treyarch has already taken 5 steps PAST IW and we can maybe begin to trust that they actually ARE out to make a good game.

mrv3214313d ago

IW created the franchise, birthed it and raised it... the changed the FPS genre and don't forget that.

People seem to forget that without IW we could still be in the WW2 period FPS wise. Think of your first FPS this generation that's modern, you think of modern warfare. MW2 was a dissapointment BUT that's your fault, it's the medias fault. IW made a game released a couple trailers and did some demo's I don't remember them specifically saying the next revolution of the FPS genre... they made a game the media made that game out to be the second coming and YOU believed them based on little evidence. EVERYONE went mental over the multiplayer trailers... so answer this. WHERE THOSE TRAILERS A LIE? Did what you see in those trailers not represent what you saw in the game?

I didn't fall into the hype, I bought the game and I still play it. Do you still own MW2? Because I find a large amount of moaner play and own MW2.

Sarobi4312d ago

"People seem to forget that without IW we could still be in the WW2" A good fact is that there is more WWII fans then modern warfare fans, no one would of actually cared if COD4 wasn't modern warfare to begin with, people cried for a sequal off COD3's story and never got one,

I am a WWII fan and i dont feel ashamed to say it, COD4 set the bar, in fact it set the bar so high that people expected MW2 to out do it, they should of known they was going to get Modern warfare 1 with a few upgrades,

SpaceFox4312d ago

Battlefield 2 came before CoD4.

HSx94312d ago (Edited 4312d ago )

Uneducated gamer trying to speak... if anything was revolutionized in FPS gaming it was set by Battlefield 2 for PC just like SpaceFox said, that game had everything from boats to jets, Infinity Ward only set the bar on consoles, but for PC, we were all enjoying that competitive, yet fun side of FPS modern warfare gaming long before COD4 came out.

ATi_Elite4312d ago (Edited 4312d ago )

Battlefield 2 PC brought modern war to the PC way before CODMW you CONSOLER!!

JUst like PC had Steroscopic 3D for years and consoles are just now getting it.

Ultima Underworld PC first ever 3d graphics game.

First FPS Wolfenstien 3D PC

Funny even John Madden Football was released on the PC a year before consoles.

(Halo was a RTS originally being made for MAC)

The PC is always first!! Don't ever forget it!

Class dismissed.

monkey nuts4312d ago

Er Battlefield on the 360 was out way before modern warfare 2. It was an awesome online game too, helicopters tanks and quad bikes and the like. For me it was near perfection until the glitchers started hiding in walls and other sneaky things.

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RagTagBnd4454312d ago

People seems to forget that IW also made games before MW2 which were good games, MW2 was rushed by Activision.

pustulio4313d ago

And people who are already registered will get it?

Soldierone4312d ago

Kinda sounds like its their milking code name for "subscription" or fee based service more than it does beta. And if it is a beta, i bet they already sold it to MS so i dont care.

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