PS3 hardware slow and broken?

After reporting the news about PS3 RSX speeds earlier, has dug up even more dirt on the PS3 hardware. The Cell is hurting, badly'...according to their latest article.

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Aflac6558d ago

Microsoft mustve seen this comin, and of course they'd let sony go right ahead and humor itself by using a cripped processor, lol

Lionel Hutz6558d ago

Notice what type of news this is filed under:
"PlayStation 3 | Rumors"

That's right, "RUMORS." Now I am not saying that this is untrue, I am just saying that this is not fact. Also, it has been known that the Inquirer has a bias against Sony and many of the things that it posts have been proven untrue in the past. When someone gives me another source, then I might believe it.

Sphinx6558d ago

You're right, is it a rumor and may come out to be false... the PS3 may be the messiah of videogames for all we know. But, to be honest, I hope it flops real hard. Sony deserves to fail after the dirty tricks they've pulled.

THE TRUTH6558d ago

Can we please just stick to facts. How could Microsoft know or foresee this if its not even a fact. Personally I don't trust the inquirer.

Retard6558d ago

Rumors go along way sometimes. However I am patient enough to wait till the smoke clears.

Stop the brushfire wars :X !

jedicurt6558d ago

This entire article also leaves out the information about data transfer rates of the main bus, if it is capable of handling the load, then there is no problem, and then they have taken a step that many at several universities have already said true, which is the the current configuration of CPU's is not the most efficient, and that our current models of computing our outdated. So thank you for tell me all of this technical data Inquirer, and then tell me that the main bus cannot handle the load, and then don't tell me the specs of the main bus, this is bad journalism.

Bill Nye6558d ago (Edited 6558d ago )

Everyone, including the Inquirer, is taking the slides out of context. The slides are about the RSX and the "local memory" is the video memory for RSX. Things a bit more clear?

This would explain why RSX has a 22.4GB/s read/write on the "local memory" because it is the video memory. This would also explain why Cell has such a slow read from the video memory (important to note that the Cell write speed is actually pretty good, adding to the fact that Cell can help with some graphics). For all general graphical and video game purposes the Cell does not need to read from the video memory because everything in the video memory is rendered through RSX. However, in case someone does want to read from the video memory for Cell, the slides go on to say that it is faster to read the video memory using RSX and then write that to the main memory for Cell to read.

The Inquirer does not know what they're talking about. End of story. Everyone go research a bit.

Gamer136558d ago

Sony better launch the PS3 november are they will be in alot of trouble.