How Microsoft needs to market Kinect this fall

Though many Xbox 360 owners are eager try out Kinect, the steep price tag means that retail success could be a challenge. Justin Hemenway of The Rumble Pack suggests a few ways of convincing the public that the pricey peripheral is worth it.

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Girlgamer1163047d ago ShowReplies(3)
Lord_Doggington3047d ago

They should pay off Harmonix to do big advertising for Kinect. They have made a killing with Rock Band. If they can make it sound like Dance Central is the new Rock Band, then they'll have it made.

Omega43047d ago

MS's marketing has always been second to none, whatever they have in store for Kinect will likely be very memorable. But they definitely need to get the point across about how much value there is in Kinect.

hybridtheory123047d ago

Their marketing is good, but their products kinda fail. And kinect has no hardcore games which is most of the Xbox fanbase sooooo itll fail.

Imperator3047d ago

There is no value in Kinect. $150 for a laggy, casual, buggy two player experience that has been done before with a $30 PSeye? No thank you.

kazman3047d ago

then don't buy easy as that. go play your eye toy than.

Christopher3047d ago (Edited 3047d ago )

They're already doing a good job for their target audience. The new Web site shows tons of tweens playing it and they've already started the price comparisons to their competitors. And the system isn't even out until November. They're doing all of this just to water down the marketing potential for Move, which releases two months before Kinect.

It's only going to get worse for Sony from here on in.

cobraagent3047d ago (Edited 3047d ago )

most people want to buy it for their kids. So i believe MS should advertise Kinectanimals in Nickelodeon and other channels for kids. Sony should answer with Eye Pet showing that the interaction is better etc. That way i could see Kinect and Move seling millions. The adults casual gamers don't care about either of the two devices because they already have the Wii but kids under 10 don't. And remember, some parents would do everything to keep their children happy. That should be the best strategy for MS since Kinect is intended only to casual gamers(from what we have seen so far) while Move is for hardcore gamers too

big_silky3047d ago

Microsoft has been saying for ages that the first wave of Kinect games will be simple, family fare. I don't know why anybody is surprised that there's no "hardcore" titles yet.

That was from this past February.

Biggest3047d ago

Because games aren't made overnight. You usually hear about games well before they are released. It would be a better situation for gamers if there was at least 1 mentioned that would appeal to gamers.

tantricBuzz3047d ago

I don't understand this first wave, second wave, third wave logic!
why not put a couple of hardcore games in the "first wave"?????

gamingdroid3047d ago (Edited 3047d ago )

Because hardcore games are harder to nail down the experience as that crowd is much more demanding. In addition, releasing information too early will give away the competitive edge. Something that is especially important to Kinect in my opinion due to the whole new experience thing. Game play mechanic is easily stolen.

Announce it when it is closer to release.

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