Secret Warhawk Artbook Revealed

Secret Warhawk Artbook Revealed
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Douche4183d ago

Is the artbook something that will be up for purchasing? Is that what you'll be getting if you buy the retail version? I'm being serious just in case I am wrong. I really don't know.

DEADEND4183d ago

So i guess you get it when you buy the retail version of the game and when you think about it its a good deal a bluetoe headset the game and a artbook for 60 thats a great deal.

THC CELL4183d ago

so u get a book headset and a t shirt for home

sound cool to me

DEADEND4183d ago

damn do you really get a t-shirt too because if you really do it is a great deal to get this game.

PlayStation3604183d ago (Edited 4183d ago )

the artbook does seem rather small enough to fit inside the retail box. So it could be included. If it is included, then this will justify my decision to buy the retail even more. :)

Edit: "C0ckpit Data Entry Disc"? Wonder what's inside that disc.

s8anicslayer4183d ago

will this be included in the game?

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The story is too old to be commented.