Signed God of War III Ultimate Edition Giveaway

Want to find out how you can win the God of War III Ultimate Editon signed by Sony Santa Monica Studio's? Of course you do! Find out by visiting the site and checking out the video below!

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Rush4569d ago (Edited 4569d ago )

Not this guy again, I was hoping after his Justin Bieber parody garbage he had given up trying to be funny on camera.

Evidently not... well at least if for a good cause, still I would rather just buy one myself then beg on camera.

I would click the link yo check it out but seriously we don't need a white hip hop gamer around here, so I don't wona give the guy hits.

CharlesDCI4569d ago

Didn't know you could go buy a signed GOW 3 Ultimate Edition. News to me lol

thecreeper4569d ago

I should would love to win this

kiwiharser4569d ago

I already won the Eu press kit(review code), in the wooden box =].

PS3-2474569d ago

I don't care to really win it. They just want more people on they site. I do have a good idea for a picture so I guest I will enter and if I win, on ebay it goes.