Warren Spector On Disney, Internet Rumors, Player Choice, And More

Warren Spector is one of a select group of game designers - Will Wright, Peter Molyneux, Hideo Kojima, John Carmack, and Shigeru Miyamoto being others - who have reached the status of household name in the gaming community, and are associated with a signature design style. Spector's latest project, Epic Mickey, combines his signature emphasis on player choice with his love for all things Disney.

Gaming Union recently sat down with Warren Spector to blow the lid off Epic Mickey. He shares what it's like to work with Disney and how the project came about, sets the record straight on a few internet rumors, and discloses how player choice is implemented in Epic Mickey.

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mephman3974d ago

Very interesting read, gotta love it when devs shoot down rumours.

JDouglasGU3974d ago

yeah, he really made a point of debunking that rumor.

ShawnCollier3974d ago

Really good interview. :)

Coramoor_3974d ago

Very exciting stuff to read about, always been a fan of his games and his designs and it's good to know he has a personal attachment to disney more then most to be making this game

Capdastaro3974d ago

Eric Clapton's long lost brother...

But a good read indeed!

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