Xbox 720/PS4 Will Destroy Developer Creativity (For A Time)

NowGamer: A new generation of consoles, despite being something people seem to keep on hassling and fanboying about, would actually be the worse possible thing to happen to a community of console development already desperately in need of more innovation...

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Godmars2904564d ago

Seriously, sprite based titles have taken a major this gen and everyone's been using the UE3 instead of making their own game engines. Things are just now starting to settle down.

Cevapi884564d ago

takes a lot of money and resources to make an engine out of scratch and then a game on top of it....having 1st party support is a big plus...thats why we have seen Santa Monica ND and GG create their own game engines through the support of Sony...i know im missing out some developers but unless you are a huge 3rd party dev like Activision or EA, it is then a business decision rather than a gaming decision on which path to take in the creation of a new IP, or sequel for that matter

nycredude4564d ago

That is why Sony should just keep the Ps3 architecture and add a more ram and more bus speed and more spus, a better video card with more memory. Imaging the if the Ps4 had 16 spus and a radeon hd5870 or something with 2gb gddr5 or something!? that pretty much guarantees photo realistic and the first parties can use existing engines to take advantage of teh new power available.

SOAD4564d ago

I'm not sure if it works that way nycredude. If the architecture is designed to be scalable, then you're right, but it might not be like that.

Sony may also decide to go some other route if another solution has been engineered since the creation of the Cell. Anyway, Sony's plans are probably changing constantly since they won't be releasing the next PS for some years.

I'd expect more than 2 gigs of RAM because some PC games now are running on 4 gig designs and in a couple of years it will be more standard. Also, I would hate for the next PS to have a GPU comparable to the HD5870 in power.

Cost-wise I'll have no problem with the PS4 costing as much as 700 bucks as long as Sony opens up the OS a little more and allows Firefox as a browser. Basically the next PS should be more like a standard PC.

nycredude4564d ago (Edited 4564d ago )

I just hope they don't go crazy and have all the mp developers crying hard to develop for again. I don't mind paying $700 bucks (I bought the fatty for $600) for the Ps4 but I would like more great games at release for that price.

I think more than 2 gb is an overkill with an architecture like the Ps3 since the spus do so much of the work. Look at what they are doing with just 1/4 of that now with an outdated video card!

I have a laptop with the 5870 mobility and it's pretty beast already. That card would cost alot less at that time. If they went with an updated card then they wouldn't be able to sell at that price point.


Also buy keeping the same architecture they don't need to emulate Ps3 games. it will work with the Ps4 out of the box.

dcbronco4564d ago (Edited 4564d ago )

I think both Microsoft and Sony will stick with the current architecture for their next console. The Cell was designed to be scalable and Sony could just use several Cell processors on a smaller die size. In a few more years that could be as small as 22nm. Microsoft can use the same basic processor but just add cores. Go with eight or ten and shrink their die down. They could add new GPUs and 2gb of RAM. 2TB hard drives and still keep the cost cheap. Microsoft could do that add a new type of drive or keep DVD and load everything on the HD. Sony could add a faster Blu-ray and no longer need installs. Both could keep their new consoles at the current prices if they waited a couple of years. Microsoft might be able to swing that even if they launched next year. And since all of the architecture stays the same, devs can keep doing what they're doing but with more power.

And a $700 console may work for you guys, but a $600 console didn't work for Sony. They have the debt to prove it. They'll go with a more reasonable solution next time.

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blumatt4564d ago (Edited 4564d ago )

I seriously hope they don't call it the Xbox 720. PS4 sounds fine, since that's the next logical number, but 720 doesn't fit since the reason why the 360 was called that was that it meant something. 720 doesn't mean anything. Of course, they can't call it Xbox 3 either as that would look inferior to the PS4. lol I'm not sure what they're going to do about naming.
@ Cevapi88
Yeah, I'm glad PS3 first party devs. make their own game engines that take advantage of the hardware. It allows them to make the best looking game possible, and, in my opinion, it hasn't taken away from their creativity either. They deliver both graphics and creative gameplay.

Dorfdad4564d ago

NEXTBOX 1,2,3 incoming.

skrug4564d ago

they called it 360 because, 1) xbox 2 will sound inferior to PS3. so they had to come up with something else.

maybe they will call xbox 3 xbox kinect[w.e they name kinect 2] or something

XactGamer4564d ago (Edited 4564d ago )

Xbox 1080 3D
Xbox 3D
Xbox with some sort of name after like Sega did with the Genesis like.
Xbox Nova
Xbox Atom
Xbox Complete
Xbox Kinnected
Or maybe MS, Apple, Nintendo or Sony will merge (hypothetical)
Playstation Live

Chuk_Chuk4564d ago

Sony should make there own game engine and license it out to 3rd party developers. It won't help when it comes with multiplatform games but at least devs won't need to build engines from scratch.

DA_SHREDDER4564d ago

Games are getting bigger and bigger, and devs are trying to squeeze things in. Its kinda hard to be innovating when your limited to half a gig of RAM. I think as soon as they up the RAM and better graphics cards things will get better, and devs can concentrate on making games, instead of going against the grain when it comes to consoles.

Godmars2904564d ago

No they're not. They're trying to make it look like they are so when they offer DLC you'll buy that too.

8thnightvolley4564d ago

that was a very good read, i see now how a long gen cycle is healthy for the industry in order for devs to gather up resources to compete on a level playing field with the big shots and also rather than be about pixels its more about gameplay to give u innovation and respect in the industry... something new is what will make a difference.. and now we have the motion control so what i believe both move and kinect are just what we need to put something fresh out there... devs for the sony side will try new ideas with the move where they wouldnt have on the wii coz the demographic is a whole lot different from the core of the 360 n ps3, secondly the kinect will create a whole new way to play games and will make devs go bk to thinking from the beginning of how to make a game coz kinect just opens so many doors to possiblities...

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Feckles4564d ago

It's ironic that only in this 3D generation games like Limbo and Braid could be possible from a commercial standpoint. They could never have been released on PS2 and Xbox, never mind the cartridge-powered MegaDrive / SNES era.

Godmars2904564d ago


Limbo and Braid could have been done on the SNES.

jetlian4564d ago

hes right limbo is like 117 megs back during snes times that would be over 1000 bucks in cartrige form. Now it could come out during ps1/2 age. But at that time 2D games were old news 3D was just starting.

Now that 3d(flat) is getting old people looking for retro style games which these 2 are

Non_sequitur4564d ago

We need different gameplay and better story telling. Endless sequels have hurt the industry a lot by giving us the same gameplay and stories that are lackluster.

Terarmzar4564d ago (Edited 4564d ago )

Well the next Playstation is gonna look like another building so watch out for that, heres another building that resembles the ps3

Alos884564d ago

Xbox 720/PS4 Will Destroy My Wallet (for a time)

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