Casual Games: A Major Misfortune

Casual games. Hardcore games. Party games. Minigames. We're in the middle of the seventh generation of the modern videogame industry as we know it, and things are a complete cluster-f**k. No longer are people content with just playing "games".

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PS360WII5194d ago

Good read. Please do read before you post for this article is not bashing the casual games. It's educating you that you are silly to make the term 'casual game' as a derogative aspect.

I find it true what he said about WoW. While it is a mmorpg that has many different things to do many different things to get and so on and so forth you can still approach the game in a casual manner. To some people WoW is a casual game but to others it's "hardcore"

You will miss out on some great games if you look down upon what we all started out as, which was strictly gamers... without the surname.

bootsielon5194d ago

Some aren't. Halo, for example, is a hardcore game, but it's played by many casuals. On the other hand, I doubt many hardcore loved Wii Play, Wii Sports and let's not mention Wii Fit. WoW is hardcore, but it attracts a lot of casuals, and turns some of them into hardcore.

I doubt I'll miss anything other than losing weight (that I don't need to lose) if I don't get Wii Fit.

Frances-the-Mute5194d ago

it relates how often gamers look down upon casual while they can be just as hardcore

Rooftrellen5194d ago

Great read.

I think the classification needs to be done away with, but its doubtful that it will die anytime soon.

The problem is that there is no real way to classify a "casual" or "hardcore" game. I know many people would say Halo is hardcore, but I know more people who play it 15 minutes a day that work on it 12 hours a day...many more, in fact.

On the other hand, I know most people would say a game like Tetris is casual, because it doesn't take long to learn and you can play a few minutes here and a few minutes there, but, really, games don't get any more hardcore than Tetris. It's a game that's impossible to master.

I could say the same about Pokemon. I know only one person (besides myself) that considers it a hardcore game. I've logged 400 hours in Diamond, and my team is anything but unbeatable.

However, games like Tetris and Pokemon are what we need more of in today's gaming world. The more blurred the lines get, the better. In fact, let's all hope that some day, most games, say 70%, are like that; something anyone can pick up and enjoy for a few minutes but those who want to get deep into it can really make it deep. Then about 5% could be games like Wii Fit (I will be getting it most likely, because I could afford to lose some weight :P) that are totally aimed at casual gamers. After all, if 70% can be casual, there's not a big need for more.

The other 25% can be really hardcore only games. You know, those massive games that take you 70 hours to play though the first time (without a guide, of course...cheaters...) and when the credits start rolling, you fall out of your chair from mental exhaustion.

I know fanboys don't realize it yet, but the comming of the casual gamer is a GREAT thing for hardcore gamers. Think of it like this. Say you like movies, but only horror movies. You're pretty happy, because in our little world, no one makes anything but horror movies, and maybe an occational drama. Now, one company decides to make a huge romance movie. You're outraged! It's popular now, and more and more people are making romance movies, and horror movies are getting less attention. They're also cheaper to make than horror movies because less props are used, so more are made. However, because of this split, the horror movies that are made are much better, because there are still people looking for horror movies, and because they're a more expensive alternative to romance movies, the producers are willing to put everything they can into a horror movie to make sure you and everyone else who likes them watches.

Same with games. Casual games may be cheaper to make most of the time, but there will always be the hardcore gamers that want the really epic games. Making a huge game for you, the hardcore gamer, is going to be more expensive, but because its more expensive, no cost will be held back, because it's important to capture as much of that hardcore market as possible, resulting in fewer, but much better hardcore games.

The classification is not right to begin with because so few people will agree on what casual and hardcore is, and where we can all agree, that's where games will be few, but great.

djt235194d ago (Edited 5194d ago )

this is really good read
i understand about pick and play also about Casual games
Rooftrellen i agree with you
i never play WoW more that hour yet

alexander22rednaxela5194d ago

In the future games should be labeled if they are simplified minigames collections, and if they are complex and hardcore.