Heavenly Sword - Concept drawing, PS3 Pic.

Here's proof that the PS3 is going to be awesome, Look at these pics of a concept drawing of Heavenly Sword and a real pic from the PS3, The actual PS3 Pic Looks better than the Concept drawing, And it is going to look better still by release.

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TheMART5394d ago

The PS3 picture is lighter, but that doesn't mean it's better. I like the concept drawing art better, it's finer and sharper then the PS3 pic.

But for the rest one cannot say much of these images for the whole game.

BUT before fanboys come around, I think this is one of the few games for PS3 now that looks really good. This can be a really fine game and I am looking forward to see the final thing running ingame. If it's real good, it could even get me a PS3 if it drops in price once to 300 to 400 Euro.

DC RID3R5394d ago

eight days, do show real good potential for ps3!!!!

Bill Nye5394d ago

There's something different about you two today.

TheMART5394d ago

Nope, that's just being fair. If something is good I'll say it. If it is rubbish I will also say that.

I am full of sarcasm, but I can admit things that I find true. It's just that. Heavenly Sword, Assassin's Creed and MGS4 are about the only games I find worth looking at on the PS3 at this time with footage, ingamestuff and more. AC will be on 360 also. MGS4 is not my style, playing 10 seconds, watch a movie of 40 seconds, play 1 minute, watch video for 4 minutes. No thanks. I can't stand the hype about this game beside graphics maybe.

Heavenly Sword would be the only game that makes me want a PS maybe someday. And hope there will be more good games by that time. But that'll not be this Christmas though. Too many multiplatform games, too many games delayed from launch. It's just simple 360 will own this Christmas on games. If you like it or not

AuburnTiger5394d ago

Wow your comment went from constructive criticism to fanboy in 1.03 secs

atomheart5394d ago

While I am excited about the PS3 release, I would hardly call this "proof".

Again, It's all about the games.

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