GTA: Episodes from Liberty City at a Steal of a Price

Episodes from Liberty City, the controversial DLC add-on for Grand Theft Auto 4, featured a look into the lives of two new protagonists in a world that was once only available to Niko Bellic. Although PlayStation 3 owners had to wait an additional 6 months to play the best adventures of Liberty City, it was well worth the wait. If for some reason you are still waiting, now is your chance to practically steal it from one retailer.

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wolfehound225102d ago

Great package at a great price

ps3gamerkyle5102d ago

Totally agree. Great value at an extraordinary price.

nycredude5102d ago

Steam had it for 14.99 recently although now it's 29.99. release price was only 39.99 so considering it's been out a while on Ps3 and way longer on 360 it's not much of a steal. Should have been $29.99 when released on Ps3 since it was old already.

Sev5102d ago

I personally enjoyed these two side "episodes" more than I did the main story with Niko. I just couldn't put my support behind Niko for some reason, I just didn't like him.

Redempteur5102d ago

they were good games ..but i liked nico story more ...

Gay tony was good as a character so was his story ...

BigKev455102d ago

Just give me GTA V already.

PS3Freak5102d ago

Damn international shipping costs. It comes to 31.37 with shipping and tax. Not really even a good deal.

Sev5102d ago

Still cheaper than regular retail price

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1nsomniac1587d ago

Great news completely ruined by the removal of Vice City FM.

1587d ago

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