Gran Turismo 5 Hands-On Preview – Reinventing the Wheel

No-one does shiny cars quite like Polyphony Digital does. And no racing game possesses the same obsessive attention to detail that Gran Turismo 5 does, ensuring that every one of its 1000 + cars is replicated perfectly, right down to the very last nut and bolt. It's not all about anatomically correct cars though – although that is an exceptionally substantial part of the appeal. Gran Turismo is all about a passion for driving and an almost perverse love of cars that pervades every inch of the game, from its crisp, clean menus and deep dedication, to enabling players to tweak every conceivable facet of each and every one of its vast showroom of vehicles.

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Johnny_Bravo3820d ago

The really need to work on the cosmetic damage to the cars, it looks horrible.

ArcFatalix3820d ago

GT4 didnt have damage, if you are a fan then you would know go troll elsewhere noob

zootang3820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

Forget about about any other game this holiday season! GT5 is going to own all! 1000+ cars, 70+ tracks, 3D!

If it is also plugged on Top Gear, showing the in game Top Gear test track. Then do i need to say more.

I'll come back to this statement in January?

ExplosionSauce3820d ago

I never really cared for cosmetic damage. I'll give it a try at first and then more than likely turn it off, lol.

Codemasters does a good job at it. Turn10 not so much.
So unless PD makes it uber awesome and more realistic, I'm not using it.

I can't wait to play career mode on that beast :D

Theonetheonly3819d ago

read this review because its was refreshing to finally read something that doesnt root its soul objective in the degredation of another competitor.

very nice epic writing.

made me feel good.... reminicent of the old ps1 i used to play gt2 on.

Cevapi883820d ago

how about you calm down Johnny_Bravo...its not like you will be picking up the game anyways....just settle down and enjoy the videos

thereapersson3820d ago

Except that Forza's damage was a joke, too. Cars always damaged in the same spots... also, running full-on into another car or wall / guardrail only ends up netting you paint scratches.

At least Gran Turismo will have the damage actually affect the physics and handling of the cars, which is something that people have been looking for in the game for quite some time.

T9X693820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

"At least Gran Turismo will have the damage actually affect the physics and handling of the cars"

Foza has had these feature for a while now. I've seen videos of GT5 damage, its not that great. There was one video where someone T-boned a car at 80MPH and didn't have one single scratch on the car. I'm not saying GT5 damage should be 100% realistic, but it needs improved.

EDIT: Oh nvm, then scratch the first part of my comment :)

thereapersson3820d ago

Sorry, should have clarified that I wasn't implying that Forza didn't do that; rather, that they finally implemented such attributes into Gran Turismo.


Yeah, I'm sure this looks better according to you:

bennyace3820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

GT5 won't have any glitches at all? It's only the 1000 th time it's been posted here. It's getting old. Just go on Youtube and type "Gran Turismo 5 glitches" and you can find a lot of those. As good as GT5 will be, if that's the way you see Forza then you have the wrong picture. I played it about 40-50+ hours and something like that never happened to me.

By the way, GT5 looks amazing and I will buy it for sure. But I just hope that they fix the "bouncing of other cars or walls without slowing down" problem. As for visual damages, nothing so far as been very impressive. But I think that physics are more important that visual damage

Fan Tastic3820d ago

Hahaha, I love the realistic physics in Failza 3 ! As always Microsoft is king.

PirateThom3820d ago

Ugh, even the way Forza handles crashes annoys me

"Accelerate to right yourself" is just horrible, it should be racing ending. I hope GT5's flips are race ending.

thereapersson3820d ago

Here's hoping that people do this sort of thing in Gran Turismo. I have a feeling the community aspect won't be as great, unfortunately...

wenaldy3820d ago

Push that f'kin rewind button!!!!!!!!!!

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Amazing Simulator.

This is worth the $60.

Scotland-The-Brave3820d ago

Cant wait to play on the top gear track, £40 is a steal if you ask me :)

flipposguitar3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

"Forza Motorsport has quietly been doing this on the Xbox 360 for years of course, but it's still nice to see GT borrowing a couple of choice features from what is arguably its closest competitor on a rival console." ... im pretty shure you had an option to turn on a driving line in GT3 that to me looks a lot like GT5's current driving line. and wasnt GT3 released before xbox 360 was even out? im just confused where he got that idea. other than that and him saying "it becomes much easier to forgive the countless delays that have plagued Gran Turismo 5's protracted development cycle." it was a nice article.

EDIT: and him calling the F430 and "F340"... lol but its all gon be k in november.