Colin McRae: DiRT 2 Review

Gameolosophy: This is a reasonably short review of Colin McRae: DiRT 2, the multi-platform off-road racing game.

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nimbus40003052d ago

Might be an old game, but it ain't a bad review

dollydolman3051d ago

Thanks, it's nice to get some appreciation lol.

alexai993051d ago

Already completed it twice, review is about a year out of date

dollydolman3051d ago

Maybe, but it's a review nevertheless and may help people come to a decision about buying it if they only just got a console or were waiting for it to get cheap etc

Kurt Russell3051d ago

As it happens I am buying this game this weekend. I have the driving force pro wheel, tested the demo and found it epic :D

Nice review - makes me more pumped about picking up the game.

dollydolman3051d ago

It's a good one... I've got the Platinum for it on PS3 and would have 100% on Games For Windows if it wasn't for the cumbersome online trophies which just took far too long to get.