Enchanted Arms Gameplay Video and Screenshots

Today Ubisoft released the first video in a series of three for the upcoming Japanese RPG Enchanted Arms. Experience one of the first true next-gen RPG adventures. Developed exclusively for the Xbox 360, Enchanted Arms, finally arrives in the U.S. this month.

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rexdriver5396d ago

Played the game. It is only decent, and clearly far from great. Graphics are good only during cut scenes and when some EX powers are used during combat. For the most part during gameplay, graphics are dull or very dull. Very little interaction with the gameworld, and where there is interaction, it is mostly pointless. Combat is like Final Fantasy, encounters are entirely random and unanticipatable. Though the story is intriguing at times, it is too dialogue driven. Interesting aspect of the game is collecting golems as travel companions. Characters are quite interesting too. Those are the only points that make this game decent.