“I played EyeToy naked” and other gaming confessions

Have you got any embarrassing, guilty, regretful and, above all, funny anecdotes involving games? Not naming any names, but the staff of PLAY and its sister publications have dark gaming pasts…

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fafoon3970d ago

I Wore only Leather Chaps and a Cowboy Hat

FACTUAL evidence3969d ago

I have a confession...I beta tested this one thing called Natal......boy do I feel ashamed. Worst secret I kept in gaming.

Quagmire3969d ago

Dear father. Forgive me for I have sinned. I wish to confess my purchase of my hard-earned money on purchasing an Xbox 360 and a Copy of Halo ODST.

For shame....

Apone3970d ago

Army boots and bunny ears

Yardie3970d ago

Sometimes, when i'm alone, i sit on my hand, wait till it gets numb, and i masturbate. i call it a stranger.

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The story is too old to be commented.