New Screens From Untold Legends : Dark Kingdom

Some of the best screenshots yet, new environments shown.

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DC RID3R5395d ago

stop cheating the people!!!!!!

keeshee5394d ago

sony isnt responable for what developers create,they just arnt trying. but yes this looks horrible this ties bullet witch as wakest next gen games so far.

achira5394d ago

i dont know what you have, this game looks good. it looks better than the most xbox360 launch games.

DC RID3R5394d ago

and where's my money BIT*H!?!?!!?

don't make me get u working the corner,on the graveyard shift tonite!!!!

Bhai5394d ago

Well, if we ARE gonna get dirty here, see what your Username implies, Ha Ha Ha, yeah well in your case, this IS the right assumption, HAHAHA !

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