Forget Blu-ray, PlayStation 4 Won't Play Actual Discs

Discs are so out. Virtual software is in. David Kushner from Wired Magazine has a good look at the downloading phenomenon. Microsoft has proved there's money to be made in the virtual. Xbox Live Arcade features everything from retro titles like Galaga to newer ones like Geometry Wars, all available for download. Likewise, Nintendo and Sony are banking on downloading. What does this mean for the future of gaming? Sony's Phil Harrison states:
I'd be amazed if the PlayStation 4 has a physical disc drive.
Uh, so, like, Phil, this doesn't bode well for Blu-ray.

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shotty5397d ago

Bill Gates said this a year ago, he said this is the last format war and from now on the harddrive is future. Everyone assumed he was crazy but it's true. Just look at Xbox live marketplace, demos are already over 1Gb. Bigger harddrives and a better internet connection and full games are really possible. Microsoft has the business side figures out since we can already buy arcade games and such


its true, and yet another reason not to invest in blur-ray

DC RID3R5397d ago

why on earth would i want to buy a $40-50 blue ray dvd when i'm already streaming all my hd films through media center now?? lol


kingboy5397d ago

that sucks,so when ur drive gets bad u loose all our freaking games,,no way that`s crazy

T-Rac5396d ago

im pretty sure they will figure a way round that, maybe making a HUGEEEE backup hard drive somehwere else just in case your own hard drive gets wiped......

TheMART5396d ago

Kingboy, it doesn't go that way. On servers, it's registerd what you downloaded. If the drive gets bad, you can get a new one and get all your old downloads for free again.

That way it already works with arcade games on 360 Marketplace.

bernie5396d ago

I'll wait for Sony's new PS4 console and see what that's like.

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The story is too old to be commented.