The most disappointing games of 2010 (so far)

Flops are nothing new in any entertainment industry, so it should come as no surprise that the video game world has its fair share. Often times games flop because they fail to impress or are riddled with an assortment of issues ranging from gameplay to graphics. Other times games simply don't sell well for reasons beyond comprehension even though they're well reviewed and well received by the public.

Here are seven of the largest disappointments of 2010 that, for whatever the reason, just couldn't cut it at the cash register.

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Girlgamer1164610d ago

Um... I would say Blazblue CS.
The online is horrible! There a bunch
of lag and it ruins the game. I honestly don't
know why they messed with the online mode!
They got rid of input shortcuts and they put an
overpriced dlc character In the game!

DasBunker4610d ago

i was never disappointed with those, cuz i never expected anything from them.. Blur demo was surprisingly good IMO though.. but its acti.. so will probably get it from $20 later

Army_of_Darkness4610d ago

Stop with that "First" bullsh1t already! gezz! what are you, like 12yrs.??!

F#@K! I forgot what I was gonna say now.....

chrisnick4610d ago

ur joking right? get outta here u bum.

19424610d ago (Edited 4610d ago )

expect lots of these comments from 360 fanboys in here because alan wake keeps ending up on list of disappointing games. alan wake deserves to be on these list more then any game simply because of the 360 fanboys. if they didn't try and compare it to one of the best games ever it might not of looked as bad.

ChickenOfTheCaveMan4610d ago (Edited 4610d ago )

Yeah, 550K sold on day one in US, 92% on Metacritic, kickass graphics.
So disappointing :S

ranmafandude4610d ago

that game was suppose to be a positive example for jrpgs but instead it just made the whole genre one big embarrassment. even japan hated it you know you screwed up big time was one long ass hallway so mind-numbingly boring i don't know how i even beat it.

SactoGamer4610d ago

FFXIII sold way to well to make the list.

HolyOrangeCows4610d ago (Edited 4610d ago )

Crackdown 2: Repetition, poor design choices make powers less interesting to use than in first game and less essential, sort of ugly, short.

Castlevania: Harmony of Despair: Too many sacrifices made to formula for multiplayer, gameplay isn't very tight, lack of difficulty curve.

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction: Short, Poor AI, lack of stealth options, plays itself, not too great looking, horrible DRM on Pc version.

Bioshock 2: Expansion pack.

ranmafandude4610d ago

that's alot of disappointment for one gamer to take. luckily i don't even have the money to buy those games even if i wanted to lol.

DelbertGrady4610d ago

Why not throw in Alan Wake, Limbo and Hydro Thunder: Hurricane as well? To complete the fanboy circle, so to speak.

Amplitude4610d ago (Edited 4610d ago )

is this judging a game's quality by sales? Cause- Alan Wake, Green Day Rock Band, Split/Second, Blur...
ahem scratch that. Every single game on that list was incredibly good. Some of them even amazing. I loved Alan Wake and Green Day Rock Band. And im sure some people loved other games on that list.

This is retarded. How is it that a game is disappointing because it only sold 300k? Selling 300,000 copies didn't stop me from playing Green Day Rock Band for hours on end, completing Alan Wake, or enjoying the Blur demo.

Hell most of these games weren't even "highly anticipated" at all. ugh. Christ, every single one of them has a rating over an 8/10, which is listed ON THE ARTICLE FOR THE DISAPPOINTING GAME PAGE.

>.< I feel like punching the writer in the face for being a moron.

SactoGamer4610d ago

Disappointing in that the games' quality and good reviews didn't turn into good sales.

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