No sale: 2010's most disappointing games

Yahoo: Several titles that were expected to be big sellers -- or at least impressive ones -- have fallen flat, the victim of the economy, gamers’ continued interest with other titles or just plain old bad luck.

There’s still time to recover, of course -- the year’s only half over. But while these six titles may have mostly met critical expectations, they still failed to set the sales charts ablaze.

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Natsu X FairyTail4614d ago (Edited 4614d ago )

AW is a good game when they'll release the sequel they shouldnt put it against other big title games like a Multiplatform ROCKSTAR game. thats the dumbest move ever

yes i was and the game is still 69.99$ right now at gamestop/ebgames Canada and I dont buy Pre-owned games . That dint stop me from Playing it. I havent bought it but I've played it.

Elven64614d ago

Alan Wake had the release date first, Red Dead Redemption was constantly being delayed before that. There was no guarantee that Red Dead could hit that date until days before launch and by then it was too late to do anything.

Weren't you the one complaining that Alan Wake was too expensive at full price?

Anon19744614d ago

$70 in Canada. They pretty much guaranteed that it'll be a rental only at that price. I went in to the store to buy Alan Wake and walked out with Red Dead for $50 and Demon's Souls for $40. Even now they still want $70 for the game, and if I were to order it from the US it would still cost me about $70 when I factor in shipping costs, tax, duty and everything.

There's no way I'm going to spend $70 on a game that's only 8 hours long. I still planning on picking up Alan Wake, but I waited 5 years for the title. I can wait another year until it hits the bargain bin's for $15 like Brutal Legend (and that's a travesty. Brutal Legend was a blast).

poopface14614d ago

sorry Dride, AW is alot longer than 8 hours. Nice attempt to troll tho, but your clearly clueless.

ZombieAutopsy4614d ago (Edited 4614d ago )

I don't think darkride was trying to troll he was just stating how long he has prolly heard the game was and from a simple google search the average seems to be between 9-12 hours.

The only one on that list i was suprised didn't sell well is Blur since the PGR team was behind it.

Boody-Bandit4614d ago

Alan Wake is what you make of it as far as duration goes. It can be beat in 8 hours if you go from point A to B without exploring for hidden items (pages and thermos). My first run through of AW only took 10 hours. The first couple chapters I just ran through but later on I actually did some exploring.

Elven64613d ago

Darkride66: So how did a title you waited for nearly 5 years for go from "not buying at $70" to "will pick it up in the bargain bin"?

Alan Wake can easily last you 10 hours, with The Signal, you can add 1 hour 30-2 hours to your play time for free.

hennessey864613d ago (Edited 4613d ago )

i loved it from begining to end and im going to get it again for the dlc

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Playerz84614d ago

None of these games are disappointing, they just didn't sell.

And Alan Wake didn't fail because it was against Red Dead Redemption, there was just no marketing. RDR was basically a new IP and unproven (This was like a reboot of RDRevolver), but it just happened that it was really good and fun. It's not like everyone knew it going to sell great.

avengers19784613d ago

Yes that is what the article is about disappointing sales, I don't think anyone is saying these are bad games just that they didn't sell well. IMO Alan Wake didn't do well because there was virtually no advertising for it. Like most games it's the hype that sells them(to a majority of people)

36T4613d ago

Alan Wake didn't sell well because it's a single player game priced at $70CDN + tax. A game with no multiplayer should never be priced that high no matter how long the game took to develop. At least that's my opinion.

spooky2054613d ago

Who the hell calls themselves a gamer if they base a games greatness on sales? oh wait....fanboys do. *double facepalm*

TheBlackSmoke4614d ago

8 hours is about right, max 10 if you get lost easily and/or suck.

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scofios4614d ago

I'am a big horror fan i have bought alan wake yesterday for 20€ , i didn't want to spend 60€ on it , when it was released because the reviews of that game where mixt so i was afraid that it wasn't worth 60€ , normally i will receive the game on friday , then finally i can jude for my own if it's a great game or not .

Gamerbee4613d ago

Wouldve sold at least 1 million on PS3. Or well . Thats what you get Rockstar. Now you realise unless its shooter, braindead Bots wont touch it.

0mega44613d ago

a gaming using the light to fight the darkness sounded more interesting than it actually was.
additionally the game could be played threw one sitting

the game lacked in too many categories to make it a major player this year

KingKiff4613d ago

Completely agree. Was very boring and I finished it in one sitting, glad it was only a rental...

Trebius4613d ago

me and my friend beat it in one sitting. but I'm not gonna lie and say it wasnt an enjoyable experience. It just wasnt a $60-$70 experience.

-SIXAXIS-4613d ago

The problem with Wake was NOT that RDR was released on the same day, but that it was NOT RELEASED on PC and PS3. I bet they would've sold at least double if they released it multiplat. They're genuinely stupid for letting MS buy them out.

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dirthurts4614d ago

Disappointing sales maybe, but not games.

TheHomerPimpson4613d ago

Go away. Don't support stereotypes man, not every 360 gamer only cares about FPS's. Guess people got this in their head because every 12 year old gets a 360 to play Halo on, but the 360 does have a hardcore fanbase that does care about story-driven games. Alan Wake didn't do well because (like people said above) it was up against RDR and there were literally no adverts on TV, and very few through the other outlets. And to say it's a bad game is your opinion, while it wasn't a game that will be remembered through the ages (it will by some, as it does have those who loved it) it is still a solid game that is worth every penny. Just my 2 cents as a 360 gamer (not fanboy) that cares about quality games made for mature audiences.

palaeomerus4613d ago

Shaka2K6 didn't play it and probably doesn't know what kind of a game it even is.

dragon824613d ago

I have to disagree with you. I actually think Alan Wake is one of the better games on Xbox 360. I will admit I don't buy too many games for my Xbox 360 as I do most of my gaming on my PS3 but I do try to at least buy the exclusives and Alan Wake is right up there with the best exclusives I have played.

-SIXAXIS-4613d ago

Alan Wake was an amazing game, but because it was released on 360 only caused them to lose so many sales. I'm just stereotyping here, but the 360 has a larger percentage of "immature" players compared to PC/PS3. If they released it multiplat, it would've sold at least double.

Chimerhazzard4613d ago (Edited 4613d ago )

That's NOT true!

What about Mass Effect eh? It sold pretty well! And it's an RPG! With eh... some shooting elements.. ok maybe with a lot of shooting... bah nevermind.

No but seriously, Fable 2 and Mass Effect sold well and they are not FPS, so I wouldn't say the XBOX360 is just for FPS. BUt I can't deny that it has a LOT of shooters, and shooters are the games that undeniably sell better.

nycredude4613d ago

Shaka is only stating facts as proven by sales figures. The audience on the 360 is a bit different that the Ps3. Look at heavy rain. No shooting and one can arguably say it was a bit boring and slow but it sold really well on Ps3 with a smaller user base. I love this kind of game but too bad i sold my 360. I will buy it when it releases on the pc, which it will cause they need to make back some of that cheese.

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jlemdon4614d ago

I need AW anyways. I'm gonna buy it soon.

dkgshiz4614d ago

I personally dont see any replay value in AW. Its just not really a memorable experience to justify to even replay the game.

dragon824613d ago

You could say that about 95% of the games on the market.

lelo2play4614d ago (Edited 4614d ago )

What about 3D Dot Game and Modnation Racers? They had very poor sales. Why so much hate against Alan Wake in recent articles? It's one of the best games this year.

ToastyMcNibbles4614d ago (Edited 4614d ago )

no one is hating on alan wake.. you just assume so and in turn mention 2 games that just so happen to be ps3 exclusive...maybe the reason those 2 games you brought up are not mentioned is because maybe they happened to sell pretty well when compared to alan wake.. maybe they didn't... i think the point is everyone expected alan wake to do really well but it fell a bit short... doesn't mean its a bad game though

coolbeans4614d ago (Edited 4614d ago )

You bring a great point that I agree with but neither Modnation nor 3D Dot Game Heroes has more sales than Alan Wake, unless Modnation on PSP is doing fairly well.

What? I'm just grabbing stats. How can that be disagreed upon?

ToastyMcNibbles4614d ago (Edited 4614d ago )

i honestly have no clue how many copies of modnation racers or 3d dot game heroes were sold.. i'm just saying that i'm guessing the reason they're not mentioned in sales articles is because maybe they sold pretty well but i could be completely wrong who knows.. i'm not saying they sold better than alan wake though

coolbeans4614d ago (Edited 4614d ago )

Don't have a problem with that, just giving you the info. Considering Split/Second had a backing with Disney advertisement, I'd put that as more disappointing than Modnation anyway. No one consider 3d or Modnation to sell boatloads anyway.

zero_gamer4614d ago

ModNation Racers has very poor sales? Never thought I'd hear that.

dkgshiz4614d ago

AW was really hyped and it never fully delivered. It was originally an open world game then it turned into a linear 8 hour game.

19424613d ago (Edited 4613d ago )

don't bother if he didn't know that was the reason then he is just a 360 fanboy trying to act like the game is a victim. we all know aw was hyped to death by the 360 fanboys which is why it is a massive failure. they said it would do so much but didn't do anything.

TheLastGuardian4614d ago

I bought Modnation Racers over Blur and Split/Second and I was a kinda dissapointed I wish I wouldn't have bought any of them. I'm not much of a Racing game fan and the only other kart racer I've ever had was CTR and I loved that game.