Mars development put “in pause”

Scrawl: "Mars, Spiders-Game’s role-playing game set on the mysterious red planet, has been put “in pause”, we’ve learned today."

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NYC_Gamer3904d ago

this will never see daylight on any platform/console..

KingNintendoFanboy3904d ago

I couldn't have said it better myself. It's gone.

mastiffchild3904d ago

Meh, didn't everyone already place this one alongside the debacle we've had with Wardevil anyway? These games, both of them, had about one update every 18months since being announced(and Wardevil's usually includes wild promises, like 1080p, 60FPS and so on, and a platform dancing announcement!)and NEVER anything like a solid hands on for the press or anyone else.

I'm seriously surprised theyu bothered saying this as I'm certain everyone with half a brain already wrote Mars off over a year ago-maybe more. When you think how many people work on games like these, how much a team of one or two manages on a million indie games and it starts to make you wonder if they EVER started on the actual games post trial demo stage/presentation/concept footage. Certainly ALL we ever saw of either was vague and ion Mars case looked shoddy anyway while Wardevil was always what seemed to be animated target renders and little else. Doesn't anyone else feel we might have actually seen gameplay of both by now had there ever been funding and a team working on them?

Suffice to say we have very little idea how Mars would have played as a game beyond the odd dev interview here and there(best I ever made out was that it was a WRPG/Hack and Slash hybrid of sorts but with a game like that, see FO3, you NEED to see how it meshes the genres and we only got glimpses of combat or a few clues as to how and what you might get to level up). Bethesda made sure we knew all about VATS and so on before we got to play the game, see it for ourselves in the flesh or anything else and I think Mars would have done too, a long time ago, were they ever seriously going on it.

Sure, it's sad to see a game looking like it's biting the dust but I'd run out of hope for this one a while ago, tbh.

Quagmire3904d ago

Its ok, at least we still got Red Faction: Armageddon coming out soon

aselah3904d ago

Ya, which sucks, it looks like it might have been a good game.

JewelTheif3904d ago

Hope it still comes out. You know how devs are with this on hold crap.

TheColbertinator3904d ago

Looks like cancelled to me.Such a shame

coolasj193904d ago

this game existed today. But, it's never gonna get released. Never good when something gets canned.

mastiffchild3904d ago

IDK, I wish they HAD canned quite a few games recently! Where's the justice when a promising idea gets stiffed and Wet sees the light of day to pollute our consoles? And half hearted efforts get through, like Eat Lead:The return of Matt Hazard, which looked like a decent idea that they can NEVER have had either the licenses(a few actual game characters would have made for an hilarious gaming parody but generic wizards and FF chars made it weaker than it should have been and in the state we got it they would havce been better off not bothering at all. Both ways there's a shame to be made) or the cash to fulfil decent premises.

Nier, was another game that just, for me, justified existing in the threadbare state it did(honestly, some of the worst current gen graphics/textures and models and animations can be found within SE's seemingly mistreated baby-was it Cavia's?)while a bit more time and money would have possibly made it one of the freshest and most imaginative rpg twists for a while. Seems to me there's a big issue with funding and it's luck whether your new IP or sequel to a near forgotten franchise gets made and HOW well the dev is capable of making it right now.

There must be so much money wasted in this industry on half finished ideas, ideas that get green lit but then canned and then budgets awarded that make making the game a travesty of what it should and could have been. Personally, I wonder if they would be best finding out what makes a great idea earlier in the process, invest some more in this area to save all the half done, canned along the way and under developed games we seem to get more than ever.

But, yeah, it's always sad as every game is SOMEONE'S idea, someone's baby and as such it's sad not to get to see them being played. Notr that we dn't all seem to have a bif backlog of unfinished, half finished, just started and not even started games year round anyway but, yes, still a shame.

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