EA: Spore For Other Platforms Not Confirmed

All of this Spore is everywhere hullabalu may be a wee bit premature. I spoke to an Electronic Arts spokesperson a little bit ago and they had this to say:

As a policy EA does not respond to rumors and speculation. We have stated from the beginning, SPORE will be a PC launch and, while the compressibilty of the content would make it easy to support on other platforms, we have only stated that at some point we will explore bringing the game to other platforms.
It sounds like Will Wright's comments about Spore hitting other platforms was more about brainstorming they fact spilling.

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highps35396d ago

I already stated id play it on my PC just seems like it would be easier to navigate and build. Should go multi platform though everyone or most are siked about this game. Looks fun!

f7897904718d ago

I dont care though because I'm getting the pc version. Who would wait?