New Amazing Halo Reach Campaign Screens

A batch of new screenshots from the Halo Reach Campaign

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Wizziokid4870d ago

Oh I can't wait for this game!!

xTruthx4870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

I like how the submitter adds the amazing part on the title lol, but this is n4g. That happens with almost every article.

Double Toasted4870d ago

Only on Xbox 360...Jump in XD

TEFL0N_D0N_814870d ago

HELL YEAH. This game looks fun as hell. Oh Bungie, you'll leave very big shoes to fill for the Halo series.

Domer254870d ago

Yep, this game is looking more and more like the true successor to CE. Now on to stealing my bro's Xbox.

Traveler4870d ago

It really does look great. Bungie seem to have done an amazing job with the game.

muDD4870d ago

I am impressed with the environments... The environments are giving a real nice feel to the game... Feeling like Combat Evo! Looking good!

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TROLL EATER4870d ago

The scale of this game looks incredible

Hades13374870d ago

Yeah the whole large-scale war aspect really comes across in the screenshots.

Seijoru4870d ago

Only game I would re-buy a 360 for. Mostly everything else I get on PC and I don't really like Gears. Reach on the other hand will be the only Halo game that I won't think is overrated since Halo 1.

nickjkl4870d ago

what that doesnt even make sense

badz1494870d ago

I think due to it's not released yet and not yet rated. how's an unrated game being overrated? right?

RedDead4870d ago

I agree. It's the last 360 game I actually care for.

badz1494870d ago

that sounds like Reach is the worst game you can think of on 360.

RedDead4870d ago

Haha I see where your coming from

commodore644870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )


BeaArthur4870d ago

Breaking into Bungie's office and stealing a copy. Or building a time machine and traveling to the future and then returning with a copy.

TEFL0N_D0N_814870d ago

Playing through imagination right now.

Convas4870d ago


Nah, just kidding. LMAO!

TEFL0N_D0N_814870d ago

Some hater PS3 troll just went down and put a disagree on everyone in this list. What a fucking sad life for him (or her).

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XactGamer4870d ago

Pissed because you guys took all the available copies.

JANF4870d ago

Multiplayer level 50 already with all achievements.

SixZeroFour4869d ago

all achievements, max lvl in multiplayer AND bought all items in armory

R2D24870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

I did not want to get hype so early - now the wait feels like for ever.