Conan featuring full Nudity in New Images

THQ releases four screenshots of their action game Conan. It looks quite fine, and we hope the combat system will be as good. Anyway, the Conan universe seems to be very well transcripted. Kraken and sexy women people !

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MK_Red6139d ago

Sex & violence, this is a game Kratos would definitly like.

Lord Anubis6139d ago

is that the God of war imitator?

It seems they too mimicked the nudity.

Frulond6139d ago

after Jaffe had the balls to make his game the way he wanted, other companies are trying to do the same just for the sake of sales. God of War is not just a game with nudity, it OWNS and would have done w/o nudity and could probably done it w/o the blood, cause the story is great and the gameplay is tick, this game just looks like its copying everything GoW had and doing it in a bad way.
so lame

yocdub6139d ago

That there are people who are unfamiliar with Frank Frezetta's work, especially with The Conan Series. Nudity was a main staple in his work....this game is an omage to him as an artist.


Someone pointed that out
Frank Frazetta was a great artist
I was quick to judge the graphics too, untill I realized they were trying to pay Homage to this talented individual

MyNutsYourChin6138d ago

It's always good to hear a bit of culture come out of someone's words, especially on a site which harbors myriad immaturities. So I appreciate your words, yocdub.

Frank Frezetta and the Conan franchise are remarkable and unique works of art. If any one copied anything, it would be Jaffe ripping off Conan. The Conan story has been around since 1932 and was created by Robert E. Howard. Frank Frezetta was one of Robert's artists and was very popular. Frank's work definately helped Robert's story gain great popularity.

@ Lord Anubis and Faelt

Kratos, on the other hand was created by Jaffe himself. Kratos is a fictional character and is not a true Grecian mythological character. Thus, if you are going to accuse this as a Jaffe (God of War) imitation, you'd be wrong. There is no comparison and no legitimate comparison can be made because of their differences in artistic style and obvious differences in their origins.

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SuperSaiyan46139d ago

The image clearly contains an image of a naked woman which is a sexual and nude reference!

Rooted_Dust6139d ago

The breasts are partially blurred to make them appropriate.

RelloC6139d ago

i think someone around here would rather see conan's sword than a nice rack.

Panthers6139d ago

yes, but not too blurred so we cant see them!!!!

Vip3r6139d ago (Edited 6139d ago )

Looks like SS4 doesn't like teh ladiez lol.

supnub56139d ago

he would rather look at the abs of conan then at hot naked chick, which every man's dream.

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trane076139d ago

Now this better shows off as a GOW wannabe clone. Not heavenly sword. They even pull off the ship level.

ShAkKa6139d ago

and some people says HeavenlySword is a ΩGOWΩ CLONE...