Wii Wii, Prince of Persia coming to Wii

Apparently, only the French are special enough to get the news that among the other Ubisoft titles announced to hit the Wii console, Prince of Persia will as well.

French gaming site lists that PoP will join the other titles announced earlier to us English-speaking folks. If there was ever a game that could take advantage of the Wii controller, this is it.

While the game won't be a launch title, the site does say that it will be out sometime in March. But wait a second, did the French make a boo boo? 1Up says a rep told them: "We saw this too and Prince of Persia is not confirmed as either a Wii launch title or a title coming out in North America in March 2007 at this time."

We may have to chalk this one up to the usual PR slip up. It would be pretty silly not to expect PoP on the Wii, though.

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jinn4754d ago

i thought its too violent for the kids

jinn4754d ago

i guess there wont be blood