Mass Effect 3 to follow 'over 1,000' story variations

Bioware has revealed that Mass Effect 3 will be shaped by over 1,000 story variations from the first two games in the series.

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JonnyBadfinger3824d ago

Nice... this is the game i always find myself falling back on when im bored or in need of a good story.

at the moment im on my 4th run through of ME2, and trying to keep my entire team alive this time.

Mass Effect 3 is gunna be EPIC

Blacktric3824d ago

Can't wait to see some Reaper action.

AndrewRyan3824d ago

1000 story variations? Now that's an RPG.

socomnick3824d ago

Bioware once again proving why mass effect is this gens best new franchise .

EvilBlackCat3824d ago

on 4th run?

damn you are a mass effect addicted creature!

i bet you score already with every female character

Galaxia3824d ago

It's one of those rare games you can just play over and over and never get bored of it. When the trilogy is complete it will be the best game series to have if you're ever trapped on a desert island with only one series lol. You could play it a million ways.

I'm a bit disappointed that the inventory system of ME1 isn't returning though. I hope they make it a bit more complex than in ME2.

table3824d ago (Edited 3824d ago )

yeah, I hope they bring a little more RPG elements back to the next game whilst still keeping the 3rd person shooter feel. Scanning planets was less fun than finding items. I loved the mechanics in ME2.

edhe3824d ago

yeah i'd really like to be able to configure my squad properly again. None of this pre-defined shit, let me make them whom i want them to be..

corneliuscrust3824d ago

They could leave pre-set load out options for the kids who just want to pick up and go, but leave the deep customization available for those of us who want to put in the time to deck out our squad as we see fit.

Dandy3824d ago

My friend recently started playing her second play through of ME2, without having ever played the first one. I, too, have started my first rolling over my old Shepard after completing my second run of the first game.

The amount of threads that run into ME2 are staggering, to the point where I feel playing ME2 first makes you miss out on all the little things that were put into place.

One of the main things I am excited for is this theme continuing in the third game, 1,000 almost seems too low but then again it's mostly main story/select side mission things that carry over.

Hopefully Wrex becomes space president.

Acquiescence3824d ago

I want to see Tali's booty.

R2D23824d ago (Edited 3824d ago )

Dude I am with you on that. I totally ditched the hot brunette for Tali just to see her face and see her naked but dam you Bioware for not showing any sex in the game - hell even Dragon Age had some nudity in it.

Some thing about Tali that turns me on : )

Acquiescence3824d ago

It's because you don't know what she looks like, so you have to resort to using your imagination to fill in those *ahem* physical gaps, which in its own weird way makes her a more enticing prospect.

Hence why the reveal will inevitably be a soul-crushing disappointment. 'Cos she'll never be as hot as you imagined her.

Wizziokid3824d ago

I love this series so sad to see the end of this trilogy but will be interesting to see where the go with the next, no doubt the next one will be multi-plat

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The story is too old to be commented.