Sony condemns Gangs of London leak

Warns that leaked code of upcoming PSP title is incomplete

Sony Computer Entertainment UK has condemned the leaking of forthcoming PSP title Gangs of London to the internet, after copies of an internal beta of the game appeared on BitTorrent sites overnight.

Speaking to, Sony spokesman David Wilson also warned consumers that the leaked version is incomplete and buggy.

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European PlayStation Store Update (3rd December 2009)

Mike Kebby on European Playstation.Blog writes:

"For the full list of content you know what to do, scroll down for the rundown. This week (and every week from now on actually) I'll be mentioning a few bits of content I think may be of particular interest to you. It's obvious that there are various pockets of different users visiting the store, and it's our job to try and make sure there's a good mixture of content available, so whilst there won't always be something for everyone every week, I think we're offering a very diverse range of content to suit most people's tastes."

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komp5197d ago

"For anybody who finds Veteran difficulty on Modern Warfare 2 far too easy, then you would have probably checked out Operation Flashpoint already and the additional pack Dragon Rising Skirmish releases today adding extra multiplayer maps and FTE missions to test your skills further."

Far to easy...

fatleon55197d ago

Peter Pan?! :(
Was hoping for FF8 or Vagrant Story, or at least news of them.

Sangria5197d ago

Don't be so sad. We had Little Mermaid, then last week Lilo & Stitch, and now Peter Pan... Maybe next week we will have Pepsi Man. Isn't that great?

timestoby5197d ago

im not complaining lol. nice that they lowerd the price of the older ones,the same as if you bought new on umd,the cheapest even. id buy two of them now that they are reasonable priced.

nice to see drakes comic,its great

launch the psp comic thingy already lol

fatleon55197d ago

HAhahahaha! Yeah you're right! No need to be sad! Pepsi Man cometh!

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Price drops hidden on PLAYSTATION Store

Ready to download some games to your PSP? The PC-based PS Store is open for business, and reader Matt G. noticed the virtual marketplace's first price drops

Gangs of London is $12.99 (was $19.99)

SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo is $10.99 (was $14.99)

Wipeout Pure is $10.99 (was $14.99)

Wipeout Pure is a great deal at that price, especially for those of you that are a bit too broke to afford next month's Wipeout Pulse. And remember, no matter what -- stay away from Gangs of London.
Tags: deal, dealoftheday, store

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INehalemEXI5874d ago

Right on, Thats fair pricing considering you have to use up memory stick space.

Torch5874d ago (Edited 5874d ago )

I've already got Fireteam Bravo on UMD...

Can anyone else give their opinion on the other two titles (taking into consideration their new price drop)?

On a somewhat unrelated side note: I'm currently drudging through Rainbow Six Vegas for, what a letdown...especially after coming off of the absolutely stellar Logan's Shadow.

Some friendly advice: Don't let the popular franchise name fool you: Unless you can find R6 Vegas PSP for around ten bucks, as I did (and now I know WHY!!!), I suggest that it's best to avoid it...opt for the much better, $10.99 SOCOM instead...if these are indeed your kinds of games.

...or better yet, kick in some extra cash and grab one of the two Syphon Filter games instead...They absolutely ROCK!!!

(I personally enjoyed them much more than Metal Gear: Portable Op's.)

whoelse5874d ago

Well done! Approve an article which has bad editing!

Torch5874d ago

You're actually surprised???

Sad to say, but the integrity of this website's content has been free-falling for quite some time now.

shotputking5874d ago

i can't find socom: fireteam bravo on there... can somewhere tell me what section it's in or something?


Gangs of London

A significant reason for the onset of a mid-life crisis is a feeling of deep disappointment at how things have turned out. Alas, it's a feeling players of Gangs of London will soon know more intimately than they would wish to…

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